Terrace House - こんばんは!


I’m almost to the end of Aloha State part 2 and omg I’m smiling so much at Lauren finally asking Taishi if he wants to go somewhere. It’s embarrassing how much I relate to her being quiet and sullen while everyone’s having a good time lol


lauren is so good because you can read her perfectly, every pained, lingering, awkward feeling is right there on her face she’s so bad at hiding it.


I feel like Lauren isn’t being genuine and is just playing it up for the show. She’s a good actress, I’ll give her that.


Ummmm Netflix did nothing to make me aware of this, but Aloha State part 3 is available on UK Netflix! So. That’s going to be my day.


Update: am 20 minutes into it and I love my tearful son


[Aloha State part 3 spoilers]

I don’t understand why the panel thinks Niki is the prettiest girl ever to be on the show. Is this a Japanese thing? I mean, Lauren JUST left and she was white and slim and has objectively perfect facial features.

With that said, Niki is already better than Lauren.


That’s. A weird thing to say.


I’m only just on episode 1 of part 3, and wow, I didn’t know how I felt about Taishi at first, but over the last few episodes he has been incredible. Taishi is the best. I also love Guy though. He’s such a weird goofball, it’s great.


Guy is a treasure so far. :sparkles:

Batch 3 Spoilers

  • Getting back into the surf after his accident and addressing actually having to deal with the residual trauma and not just cutting back to business as usual.

  • “Wanna watch One Piece? The sound doesn’t work.”

  • "Don’t rub my olympic chances in other people’s faces. Let them live at their own speed.

  • His “i’m gonna be pretty messed up when my friend leaves” mood.


I finally finished Part 3 and I would like to express my undying love for Guy and also the panel’s impressions of him, what a joy of a man.


Okay I’m watching part 4 and FUCK taishi the judgmental heteronormative ultramonogamous PRICK also cheri RULES


I haven’t seen Part 4 because of the Guilty Samurai episode. Fuckin’ Taishi killed Terrace House.


I actually gave up a little into part 4 because once Guy left I just. I just didn’t care about any of these people.

Anyway here’s some cool fuckin’ news - a new series subtitled “Opening New Doors” is starting in Japan in December which I guess??? means we can probably expect it in the West early 2018?? It’s apparently going to be set in Karuizawa, a resort town in the Nagano prefecture.


but yeah same we miss Guy. only a few episodes to go now tbf, and Mariko is good, imo.


If y’all are looking to cleanse your palates after Aloha State, some users over at the Terrace House subreddit have been fansubbing Boys x Girls Next Door, the original season. It’s great and way chill and Taishi’s not in it.


I basically only watch Aloha State in order to insult Taishi. The dude suuuuuuuuuuuuuucks


Awesome! Back in Japan but a positive change of scenery. Hoping it will be as good as B&GITC!


taishi/guy stan for life here. watched aloha state first and am in the process of going thru B&GITC; much more relationships but not as fun, oddly enough. i feel at odds with this thread because of all the taishi hate and also the lackluster sentiment towards aloha state. bummer. but for whoever reads this and shares my thoughts, i stand by you friend.


Still in the middle of boys and girls in the city, so I have yet to meet this mythical hansan, but I love how human this show is. It’s…boring sometimes, like mundane, but they manage to find the beauty and subtleties in those small moments. And when there’s drama, boy howdy does it actually feel like there’s stakes. Also, I need the commentators to adopt me right now.


Cool to see a thread about it, because it is one of my favourite things to ever be on television. I could talk about it for hours. I can’t believe I previously lived a life without Terrace House.

Finished Aloha State yesterday, finally. I was shocked about Cheri and what she said at the house meeting. She seems to be a psychopath, literally? But no one in the house except Taishi seemed to have anything close to a normal reaction to what she was saying.

Aloha State was still great even if I don’t watch Terrace House for americanism, and Cheri and Wez made the series a real bummer at times.