Terrace House - こんばんは!


Rip off song now getting popular in USA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLWos7210j0


This, I was hugely appreciative that he reacted because I felt like everyone else had kind of written her of, ignoring that Mariko was still on the other end of this and being receptive to shit like “I think you could be my best friend”, holy shit run. By the end I also liked Taishi and found myself looking for shirts on etsy.

I watched all of Boys and Girls in the City in an obsessive marathon (and tragically got zero of the people I know into it) and then watched and finished Aloha State last night. No part of Aloha State touched the magic of BxG for me, it’s that good, but I still enjoyed Aloha. Memorable people and moments and a really relaxing experience. Praying this new series is back in Tokyo and if there is a God in this world that Hansan and Minori’s older sister come around and bother the cast constantly.


Aloha State kind of peters out towards the end because Cheri stops talking to everyone, Mariko and Ryo are still pretty new really, and Wez is just kind of Also There. There’s the one episode with the Drama and then I don’t know, nothing. (Taishi’s whole thing) oh THAT.
I don’t know. I get it, I feel for my dude, I do, but also, “Okay I’m going to tell her how I feel” you already have, like, three times, buddy, what are you, talking about?

printing up shirts was very cute - him wearing his was very cute


So cute. I was a little puzzled by the confession too but it worked so I guess he knows what he’s doing.


Just saw the new Terrace House y’all (via… “extralegal” means), and I just want to say, Tsubasa is perfect and Yuudai is so attractive to me~~~.

EDIT: I could sense some some gay undertones between Yuudai and Nakamura, which YOU astutely picked up on. Knowing the show, that’s probably as far as it goes (or will be allowed to go?), but I very much desire some representation.


I’m excited!!!


I did not like Aloha State, but it did have one of my favorite shots from TV shows this year. It’s really tragic and hilarious at the same time.


New season seems pretty chill. That house is pretty incredible. No standout characters so far, I suppose.


Three episodes in and Opening New Doors is already better than all of Aloha State.


I am livid that I somehow missed this entire thread.

My partner introduced me to this show when she was about midway through Boys & Girls in the City and that instantly got me hooked. The Riko/Hayato confrontation was *chef’s kiss *

I tried to go back and watch that season from the beginning, but It was too hard to get invested in the awkward moments of the starting cast after seeing how it winds up.

Because of all that I’m partial to Aloha State, but I agree it totally falls off near the end primarily because Taishi is awful.

I don’t think I have it in me to track down this new season so I’ll most likely check it out when it comes to Netflix (hopefully soon).


As someone that watched Boys & Girls in the City from the beginning, I’ll say the season builds up as it goes on. In the beginning there isn’t really much going on, but each episode adds something to the season’s “enjoyment meter”. From the boring beginnings, to the start of Arman’s month long paid vacation in Japan, to “Meat Crimes!” to the sage architect Han-san, to Arman still being around and thus becoming the constant of the entire season, and finally ending on the bombshell of the Riko/Hayato relationship the gradual ramp-up of people and events make this show truly amazing.

I agree with you about Aloha State dropping off near the end, but not because of Taishi. My partner and I were not Taishi fans, until the end. The Mariko/Cheri confrontation totally flipped our feelings about him. I think the falling off at the end was more do to Cheri and Wez. They were both barely on the show it seemed, and when they were they were either uninteresting or just rude. This is just me speculating, but it seemed like Aloha State had more people blatantly on to boost their career or become famous compared to Boy & Girls in the City. Aloha State was still good (Guy, that good good surfer boy), but doesn’t even sniff the quality of Boy & Girls in the City.

I’m excited to see this new season too. It’s back in Japan which I’m excited about, and the area it is in looks beautiful. Fingers crossed it is released sooner rather than later.


Reading back up on the Mariko/Cheri thing – which I’d mostly forgotten – I remember thinking a lot of Cheri’s argument seemed to come out of left field, but overall it didn’t impact my opinion of Taishi at all because it seemed to me he clearly already had it out for Cheri after she confronted him about dating all the women in the house.

Having the notion challenged, I’ll admit it’s not entirely accurate to pin the end of the season on Taishi because of his behavior.

However I would say my assessment of the season boils down to it was mostly all about Lauren when she was around and then shifted to primarily focusing on Taishi after she left.

Taishi also was around the longest overall (I think?) and once the last of the original cast took of there was a ton of turnover.

I guess the difference for me was that I generally liked Wez – or at least was interested in what he had going on – and Cheri seemed to go off the rails a bit near the end but I was generally indifferent about her.

Generally the assessment that there weren’t any particularly interesting guests in the house near the end holds true, but I feel Taishi took up a lot of the spotlight and left everyone else with little opportunity to shine especially considering any given moment he would be the center of at least one woman’s storyline.

I also seem to be the only person in the world who’s not an Arman fan so feel free to take anything I say with a grain of salt lol


Oh not an Arman fan? Everything you said is null and void haha. No you aren’t the only person I’ve seen not being a fan of Arman. The most common reason why I’ve seen is that he doesn’t do anything and just takes up space. I like him because of that though. He is also an American in this look at Japan and it’s culture so I found him a bit of an avatar for me. Then helped me understand and feel more connected to the show.

I saw their argument the opposite way. I saw it as Taishi as the only one standing up to Cheri’s out of left field arguments. I also see your view of it though.

I too saw Wez as interesting in the beginning. Then he started talking and doing stuff. I started to lose interest, but then he was finally going to have his show, and I was back in! Just as quickly as I was back in I was out though. He is such a horrible rapper. Instagram is one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard. As for Cheri I had no opinion on her. When she started to make a move on Eric I started to warm up to her, but just like Wez I quickly fell off that train. The way she handled that entire situation with Eric and the Russian was just shitty in my opinion. I also felt that both Wez and Cheri were there to further their career or get famous or rather super blatantly. Obviously everyone that goes on that show wants to be seen and get exposure to further there career, but it just doesn’t seem as blatant as these two.

Taishi was there the longest. Thinking back to it you’re totally right. The season focuses on Lauren which is alright. It is maybe the first part or so, and then the whole rest of the season is about Taishi and his quest for a “love worth dying for”. A difference between this and Boys & Girls in the City where the focus of that series always seemed to shift to a different person every few episodes. Talking about this has helped me figure out why I like B&GitC so much more. Thank you for helping me better understand my love for this show. I think I’m going to have to watch B&GitC again now.


Haha I’m glad I was able to help out and get you inspired! I also might give B&GitC another shot before the new season pops up on Netflix.

Also, a kind of side note on Wez: I agree Instagram is…not good…but I found it funny so overall his rapping just as entertaining to me as if it was good.


So excited there is a Terrace House thread here!

I have loosely worked on some reality television in the past and I have to say Terrace House is really something impressive. The pacing and shots are so incredible and drastically different from what I have experienced in the past.

As for the characters and interactions - it really makes me feel more at peace with being an introverted social weirdo and I have gotten better about communicating to others that I am an introverted weirdo as a result. I guess that’s good. I am not that weird I just get super anxious in social situations.

…aside from exposure and investment I had to put in at work I never really got into reality TV but man I really like Terrace House!


Comparing the BGND and BGITC series to Aloha State and OND, I feel like the newer versions are a lot less organic and enjoyable. It seems like most of the members are there because they want to get something out of the show rather than to experience personal growth and achieve their goals like in the earlier seasons, which takes out some of the joy for me. Hopefully OND picks up a little, but at least there’s a lot more in-house member interaction there as well.

On a side note, I’m glad to have found this thread!


i personally enjoy both kind of variants, but i do miss the city pace. i would still say the ‘goal-oriented’ nature is there and i mean, arman practically did nothing but just chill, so i don’t know if all the seasons are actually as different as they feel.

OND for me is a blast so far and i hope everyone loves it when they get around to it.


Opening New Doors is now on Netflix for UK and US!


If you are caught up, more or less: When Yuudai said he wanted his girlfriend to put on his socks I nearly fell off my chair. He is the weirdest dude. She’s like, “We are never happening” and he’s like “I have to be around here!”. Yikes!

This show is so good y’all, but y’all already know.


I’m hype, but I probably won’t be able to get around to watching Opening New Doors until next week. The anticipation is killing me.