Terrace House - こんばんは!


ok i’ve watched 4 episodes so far, here are my thoughts

  • big fan of mizuki’s outfit when she moved in (the boots. THE BOOTS)

    • tsubasa is my fav
    • i thought she and shion would make a good couple as soon as he introduced himself - they seemed bashful but both sincere about their intentions for being on the show - and i hope their date goes well
    • shion reminds me of the persona 4 protagonist with his glasses on, michael cera with them off. other similarities mentioned to me: louis theroux, john oliver
    • i love tsubasa
    • yuudai is a fuckin’ dweeb with a terrible sense of timing and a total lack of understanding of how to interact with someone you’re attracted to and i was the same if not worse at his age (maybe even now at 26) so i relate strongly.
    • i am yelling at the older people to fuckin’ shake yuudai and tell him the hard truth, so there aren’t any repeats of an incident involving a hypothetical ukulele playing dipshit in a hypothetical iteration of terrace house set in hawaii.
    • the scene with takayuki and yuudai talking about their dad+grandma was however very touching
    • tsubasa is great
    • give the entire olympics to tsubasa
    • i was on voice chat with a friend making jokes and i realised i want a fucking. wrestling version of this which IS scripted but is also extremely outlandish and they do crimes and plan heists and murder each other


Well, now I know what I’m doing for the forseeable future. Hooray, Terrace House is back! :smiley:


8 episodes was not enough. i hope season 2 (part 2) comes soon :sob:


Got through the first 4 episodes and it feels good to be back

This group seemed really promising to start, but as things went on I found myself struggling to find anyone that’s genuinely likable and I fear this round of episodes is going to feel way too short when it’s all said and done.

I think it’s obvious Tsubasa is the very best of everyone in the house and she just might be my all-time favorite Terrace House participant (of those I’ve seen) already.

That said I don’t get the vibe that she and Shion will wind up together, she’s definitely into him but I get the vibe that he’s into Mizuki and just sees Tsubasa as a friend. As a riff on that, probably my favorite moment was when Mizuki said she felt like she and Shion were on the same wavelength and Tsubasa gave her a look as if to say “Oh really? You feel like you’re on the same wavelength with the hottest dude in the house? How convenient!” Of course if Tsubasa and Shion do wind up together I’m totally here for that because that girl deserves the world.

Mizuki is probably my second favorite house member, but I feel like the jury is still out on her so far. I instantly felt connected to her because we’re the same age and do similar work, but we don’t learn much else about her besides that she’s kind of a mom.

I also don’t have a great read on Shion and he could legitimately either wind up as my favorite or my least favorite. The commentators have described him as genuine, but I get the sense that he’s putting on and seems like he could be kind of manipulative. I also generally have disliked the person the commentators described as “The Keeper of Dreams” so that’s also at play.

Yuudai really grew on me at the end of this group of episodes. He’s absolutely a total dweeb who’s trying way too hard to woo Ami in all the wrong ways, but in his most genuine moments he really does seem like a sweet and endearing person. I hope he figures it out and someone eventually gives him some good advice.

I also feel like I like Ami and her blunt personality if nothing but for entertainment’s sake and I kind of feel bad that she’s been subject to Yuudai’s tactless attempts at flirting. Also I think I like her two friends more than anyone in the house other than Tsubasa.

Also I feel like it’s been a bit since we’ve had some good commentator appreciation, but they really are great. Their chemistry and the timing of their jokes really provide so much to help break up each segment of the show.

Last but not least, Torichan’s opinion is the only one that I value in the show and life and I have nothing but respect for MY president.


big fan of the commentators taking a minute to make fun of Taishi again


Already burned through the eight episodes. I cannot be more happier with these episodes. It is such a return to the Terrace House I loved so much after Aloha State. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed Aloha State, but it was just missing that something that made me fall in love with Boys & Girls in the City. I’ve already gotten that feeling within these first eight episodes of Opening New Doors!

I really like Taka. As soon as I saw him I just had a good vibe about him. He is such a chill dude, and seems to be a great guy too. He and Yuudai’s conversation was so heart-warming. Then Taka taking him under his wing like an older brother was just heart-warming and nice. I get real Hansan vibes from him, and I hope to keep seeing them as the season goes on.

Yuudai, oh Yuudai. He is super immature, and seems to read social situations extremely poorly. He also seems to grasp that he is acting like an ass, and apologizes for it (at least when Taka or Shion point it out to him). He is just so stubborn and thinks he knows it already, when he obviously doesn’t know anything about being mature and independent at all. I see myself in him a lot. I’ve grown a ton since being with my girlfriend, and I think Yuudai could grow too if he took Taka’s advice seriously. I hope he watches this after the fact, and it helps him see and grow up some. He seems like a good guy, just an immature boy is all.

Shion and Tsubasa are cute as hell! I love how smooth and Shoin is. It doesn’t seem fake at all which makes it even more enjoyable to see. The fact that it doesn’t seem fake is odd given his reason for being on the show was to be swooned over or something to that extent. I also love it because I had a feeling Tsubasa would be totally overlooked romantically. Everyone was saying how cute Ami is, and how Mizuki is a lingerie model and all that. So off course the sporty “tom-boy” girl would not become a romantic interest to anyone. I cannot wait to watch more of them together. They’re legit adorable together, and always put a smile on my face. Tsubasa is such an amazing athlete. She has shown such skill in a ton of sports so far this season. Throwing the baseball around with Taka, playing basketball with Shion, snowboarding with everyone, and playing hockey of course. She is an amazing hockey player. That highlight from the game she watched with Shion was super impressive. She skated through 4 defenders all right on top of her to score a goal while fall down. That’s some Alex Ovechkin/Sidney Crosby shit!

My favorite moments of the season so far arethe first snow of the year, and following snowball fight. That was just so fun and cute. Also a close second is Shion’s and Tsubasa’s basketball date. I had such a big smile on my face when watching this date. It again shows how amazing Tsubasa and Shion are together!

Again I’m really loving this season so far, and feel it is a return to the fun, happy, real feel that made me fall in love with Terrace House. Part 2 cannot come soon enough!


I knew there was some reason I was extra appreciative of them after this session.


Many already said it, but Tsubasa is the best. Her laugh is strong and warms me to the bone.