Terrace House - こんばんは!


Just finished the second batch of episodes:

So I guess the biggest elephant in the room from this batch of episodes (especially judging by the above comments) is Shion saying he didn’t have feelings for Tsubasa anymore and … * * deep breath * * dammit I’m here to defend him.

I want to start off by saying I was initially super wary of Shion in fear of this exact situation and he genuinely has consistently been messing up by not clearly expressing his feelings BUT I feel like when he said he couldn’t picture a relationship with Tsubasa he was referring to the signals she was very clearly putting out that SHE felt he was too good for her and also couldn’t picture them in a relationship, even though she desires one. I hate to just accept the idea that Shion being a 6 foot 2 half American model means that he should be out of Tsubasa’s league, because she’s truly an amazing woman who is clearly not only extremely talented in her field but also appears to be an incredibly sweet person, but that gulf is real in her head and it would’ve been a sign of emotional maturity for Shion to recognize that and be more forthcoming and earnest with his feelings.

All that said it was painful to see Tsubasa pull off her birthday surprise for Shion so flawlessly and then be sitting clear across the couch from him and not making an additional move. Again, Shion could’ve and almost definitely should’ve used that opportunity to make a move himself, but having watched their relationship through these 16 episodes I’ve completely gone 180 on my belief that he’s just playing her and legitimately believe he’s earnestly unsure if Tsubasa feels the same way.

That said, it’s also definitely worth pointing out him being shitty by asking Seina out and just like using the term “friend zone.” Oh, and kind of unrelated, but as a fellow tall man him being awful at skating was a big mood.

As an ardent Ami fan from day 1 I have to say I was so relieved to finally see her leave for her own health, because she shouldn’t have to put up with the guys in the house being completely terrible to her and not realizing that she had absolutely no interest in them, nor did she owe them anything just because they thought she was cute. For these reasons I legitimately have no tolerance left for Taka or Shohei (even though his music is dope) and they can kick rocks. In the same vein shout out to Seina for not only telling those dudes to stop being dicks and not get angry because she didn’t have the reaction they wanted to their stupid and tactless advances, but also for talking to Ami and reasserting that point so she knows she doesn’t have to deal with that.


listen i am a clueless dipshit at the best of times but i do not understand how you reach 31 years old and do not pick up on the Extremely Not Interested signals that Ami has been blasting in Taka’s face the whole goddamn series


oh I know this: it’s because despite not actually being into him, she says that she is into him she just needs him to be more clear/show more enthusiasm/whatever


@danlur you’re reading my mind here on all counts, altho if shit goes south between Tsubasa (WHO IS SEVERAL TIERS ABOVE SHION TBQH) and Shion, and it’s his fault, I’m going to personally hunt Shion down and launch him into the centre of the sun


If he’s going to hurt Tsuchan, I’ll throw the sun at him. :rofl:


Part 3 is now up on Netflix worldwide! I am 2 episodes in and I am loving it already goddamn what a great show

i respect Mayu and her whole deal but i will pray every night for her to be struck down should any harm come to Tsubasa


Part 3 has some extremely excellent shit in it. This is the greatest show.


I actually got to watch this right when it came out for once and I forgot to hop in this thread, but anyhow…

FUCKING SHION AND TSUBASA FOREVER!!! I’m so glad that everything worked out between them and they remain the cutest.

I feel bad for Mayu because a) Literally every non-Shion dude in the house is gross and I feel like they (probably Shion included) only saw her as like big boobs lady and wrote her off immediately. Obviously there’s things we don’t see and Taka did mention some of her bad habits, but I just feel like they treated her solely as eye candy and didn’t try to actually engage with her. b) While relationships are deeply personal things and nobody’s entitled to anyone else’s time or affection, it’s just rough that she was in basically the exact same situation with both Shion and Noah.

All that said it was brutal to watch the way she acted around Noah and I felt just as bad, if not worse for him.

My only other real takeaway that I can remember off the top of my head was that I was made extremely uncomfortable by the Shohei and Seina kiss and everything that came after.


i’ve finished watching part 3 now and i think i feel upset enough by episode 8 that i’m gonna be put a content warning for it in this spoiler:

in the pre-opening bit, we see shohei and seina go on a date. while they’re waiting for a taxi shohei forcibly grabs her head and kisses her. she’s clearly shaken by this, and for the rest of the episode looks extremely uncomfortable about it. despite this, the panel doesn’t seem to recognise this as an obviously shitty thing to do, shohei boasts about it to the other 2 guys (and says he initiated more kissing in the taxi), seina seems to struggle to talk about it to the other women. it’s a real fuckin low point for terrace house.

otherwise i am very very glad that tsubasa and shion got together


Week 30 spoiler

Noah is a weird boy. Laughing in Shohei’s face when telling him something that would obviously make him sad. “I’m gonna do my best”, what the fuck! He seemed sort of sympathetic in the earlier episodes but lately he’s been a bad boy.


It’s back!!!

I’ve only watched the first of the new episodes but this fuckin yui vs mayu shit is ridiculous i love it


it’s incredible

“hey guess what we were talking about, it definitely wasn’t you, why would you even think that?” do you think you’re being slick lmao


finished the current part here are my thoughts:

The producers definitely picked Aya because she thinks Taka’s hot and he hasn’t really done anything in a while right
Noah sucks, I love it
Yui is amazing she’s unstoppable I love her

also, boys and girls in the city I swear they used to have House Meetings all the time - I miss that

when’s next part


Finished the most recent part here we go:

At the end of the whole Mayu-Noah-Yui love triangle I literally have a tough time discerning how I actually feel about Mayu or Yui, because throughout that saga they both wildly fluctuated from being incredibly chill about stuff to acting completely bizarre and delusional. Ultimately though, I think I land positively on them both mostly because I think Mayu never really got a chance because everyone was immature about her modeling and I’m just always here for people as blunt as Yui can be.

This is an evergreen statement, but Taka sucks. He’s cool in the big brother role, but watching him flirt and go on dates is excruciating for me. He’s utterly clueless. I don’t have much to say about Aya other than I feel for her for having to deal with Taka.

I’m happy with how the Shohei-Seina-Noah love triangle has shaken out so far, especially after Shohei kept forcing Seina into kisses she clearly wasn’t comfortable with. On that not I’m also taken aback by the way the commentators always interpret those moments as Seina being dramatic and playing things up for the camera.

Although it is almost certainly a dick move I enjoyed the Shohei/Noah confrontation from an entertainment aspect. It’s been interesting how often people have stayed in the house and watched someone who rejected them go with someone else this season compared to the rest of what I’ve seen of Terrace House.

Shohei’s goodbye performance was awesome and watching everyone slowly start bawling until it finally caught up to him as he was singing was one of the best the greatest Terrace House moments I’ve ever witnessed. Yui also capped it off perfectly with that zinger about being excited for the next guest.

I also loved everything about Shunsuke’s introduction. I was worried about how the guys would receive him, especially after his friends were roasting him in his intro, but my heart melted when Noah said he wanted him to do his makeup and how they were so chill and supportive when he opened up about his sexuality.


the shohei church thing and his goodbye would have been extremely endearing were it not for his really aggressive kissing bullshit with seina, so he can fuck off and i’m glad he’s gone

taka is a dumbass but in a benign way, and i’m inclined to agree that aya was specifically brought on board to keep things rolling. Aside from the editing to set up twists and narratives (which is fine and one of the show’s strengths), more and more stuff recently feels guided or coached, though not necessarily by a script they say isn’t there.

that said, i love shunsuke and i hope he has the time of his life and they introduce more queer people on


Week 45:

Holy shit, that ending? What is happening! Hand-holding incident, this is the greatest cliffhanger. How can there be this much drama all of a sudden. Everybody is so strange, I don’t understand what they are doing. (Aoi seems creepy.) And I lost it at Torichan and Yamasato melding into one.



I watched through all of Aloha State this past week and there is something about the Cheri/Mariko confrontation I wanted to address but I haven’t seen anyone mention it here and the commentators didn’t mention it either. Cheri is a real estate agent and Mariko is a banker and they are both from the same island. That might as well be the same industry as far as I’m concerned. So when Cheri says Markio has the potential to be one of her best friends for life, I read that as she wants access to her clients. It’s just another networking engagement for Cheri. Am I being too harsh on Cheri here? Is she not actually that shallow?


I don’t think it’s possible to be too harsh on Cheri.


It’s over. :frowning: This season was so damn good. Gonna hibernate until the next one.

Sad for Masao, but I think there is a good friendship brewing there between him and Risako. Don’t care much about the others that were left, lol. Yui was probably the wildest ride, she changed shape so many times. Only a miracle could’ve brought her back from the garbage pile she eventually landed in.