Text Adventure Game Community In Chaos Over Moderators Reading Their Erotica

The AI-powered story generator AI Dungeon has come under fire from fans recently for changes to how the development team moderates content. Notably, the player base is worried that the AI Dungeon  developers will be reading their porn stories in the game. Separately, a hacker recently revealed vulnerabilities in the game that show that roughly half of the game’s content is porn.

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Excellent article by Gita!

I think this puts Latitude in a really weird position. It’s clear the tech is not quite there yet for determining what is actually happening in a story but it’s also clear that if they do not try to do something it at some point becomes a much bigger issue. They need to show that they are at least trying to do something.

For those not aware Latitude is in a really weird position in terms of a tech stack. They have AI Dungeon but it is acting more like the middle man of the operation as it is running off of OpenAI’s platform which is closed source. AI Dungeon takes user input does some fixing up on it then sends it ultimately off to OpenAI which in turn sends back a response. So Latitude is basically paying rent to OpenAI. If OpenAI decides they just do not like what Latitude is doing with their AI model they could cut them off completely and there’s nothing Latitude could really do about it. Latitude is not in a position to even really make the equivalent of OpenAI’s current model at the moment, they would probably just have to go shop around for a new provider or build off the older one that OpenAI open sourced at which point they probably get a decrease in users because the quality of other models are not really at OpenAI’s level yet.

Latitude is also from my understanding not exactly profitable. They’re paying OpenAI on a usage basis. What this means is certain power users can drive costs up significantly. This includes the free tiers. There’s also just the cost of the servers as well. The head person got out there awhile back in a blog post and basically laid out why they were moving to a power system and it had to do with the sheer cost of everything. They got some VC funding but IIRC it’s not exactly a lot. They even have a patreon going to allow people to donate to try and help them stay afloat.

So eventually what I imagine would happen is the big press picks up on this thing and there’s a panic about a service out there that is allowing people to generate NSFW stories involving minors at which point OpenAI wants to not be involved at all with that press headline and cuts AI Dungeon off. Ultimately ending with AI Dungeon shutting down.