Text/background colour contrast tweaks

Hi there! I’m finding that I’m having some contrast issues with the Waypoint seafoam green for text hyperlinks on the white background/on buttons with white text.

I downloaded Stylebot and made some small tweaks to the CSS on the page to make it a little easier on my eyes. Just sharing them for anyone who may also be feeling a little squinty:

I turned the body’s background color CSS property #f1f1f1 and slightly darkened the Waypoint brand green from #1fd9b7 to #00cca7 on things like buttons and text hyperlinks.

It’s not perfect for me, but it helps immensely. Maybe some much smarter visual designers/colour folks can improve my suggestions :smiley:

EDIT: I learned that Discourse has a gorgeous dark theme option, though I still do find the contrast on the buttons of the Waypoint brand colour and the white text to be a bit hard on the eyes.

Tried the dark theme?

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come to the dark side, friendo.

TIL Discourse had a dark theme. And it looks gorgeous – although the seafoam green on the reply buttons still kinda hurt my ooold nerd eyes.