TGIF Mozzarella Sticks

After the TGIF and mozzarella stick talk on the pod today, I wanted to post this story about someone trying to find the end of TGIF endless mozzarella sticks… It’s legitimately a good article. I promise…

Enjoy, ya’ll

My 14-Hour Search for the End of TGI Friday’s Endless Appetizers

As a former sever at a TGI Friday’s, Endless Appetizers are the fucking worst.


I’m not at all surprised by that, but still, what part makes it so awful? (Hopefully this doesn’t still up painful memories) Customers constantly nagging you for more? Annoying people who are excited to try, and think it’s novel? People who eat too much and get angry

Where to begin haha.

  1. It was extremely difficult for the kitchen and often lead to backup and delays on all food.
  2. Disrupting the flow of serving a table (generally you have down time on old tables to focus on new tables that come in, but you lose this if your old tables are still getting refills)
  3. Having to do more work than a standard table to only have people tip off the $12 price point.
  4. Customers complaining if you told them they weren’t allowed to have a to go box even though that’s the standard policy.
  5. Customers being upset that if they wanted to share each person had to have their own individual order of endless apps (like, you’re not supposed to share AYCO meals anywhere else)

It did bring in a lot of customers, but I have no idea how it actually makes the company money and it makes the server life hell. It used to be for a limited time, but I saw it’s back permanently now. I feel for my former coworkers.

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I get why the promo needs to be one person only, but I can’t blame anyone for assuming it’d be different. Appetizers are meant to be shared - nobody wants to eat eight Mozzarella sticks before an actual meal.

I wonder if somebody could form a better restaurant around this concept. Charge $10 for ‘unlimited’ apps, with a drink minimum (and very overpriced drinks). No entrees. Just Infinite Apps.

Feel bad that this person willingly self-owned so hard by eating TGIF appetizers at all. :frowning:

I suppose that’s fair. Now that I think about it I usually let people share if everyone was getting an entree. The issue arose where you got a table of 3 or 4 that wanted to share a single round of unlimited apps and only pay $12. That didn’t fly.