Thank you, Austin!

As you might have heard on today’s podcast episode, Austin received an opportunity to work on a game project that he felt was too incredible to pass up. Austin will be officially leaving Waypoint.

Let’s take a moment to share our thanks, favorite moments from podcasts/streams, pieces of writing, and give Austin a proper send-off for everything he has done for Waypoint!


I haven’t heard today’s podcast episode yet, but based on the last A More Civilized Age question episode, I want to believe that Austin is going to be writing for a game about a legally-distinct version of Dengar the bounty hunter.


Thank you Austin for many many years of five star podcasts, streams, articles, tweets, discourse, etc.


I hardly know what to put. Waypoint has been a fixture in my life for a few years now - and I hope it will continue to be so, with the rest of the team! - but Austin’s presence was a big part of that. His influence will be missed.

Best moments? Somewhere up there has to be Austin (and Cado) sharing whatever the podcast equivalent of a knowing look is during the Evangelion coverage while introducing the show to the rest of the team for the first time. I’m thrilled we’re going to get podcasts covering Rebuild before he goes. And also that with the launch of Waypoint+, we got closure on Tactical Tuesdays, a bunch of other really good streams, and other podcast episodes. Definitely going out on top.


I find in day to day life is I am easily able to identify what I am working against, but it can be difficult to shift that focus to what I am fighting for. One of the things that really stands out to me in Austin’s writing, discussion on the podcast etc, is how he is able to shift that focus so consistently and I’m deeply appreciative of that.

Also, just like, I’ll be rewatching the XCOM 2 playthrough for years to come. The way that Austin and Rob were able to bring so much character to each soldier is a delight. Every time I rewatch the episode where they give Archie the makeover I’m absolutely cackling.


Really blown apart by today’s news. Austin has been this show for me for five years. Been following since almost the start, got to see him in PAX East back when he still in Giantbomb, which I didn’t even realize was a million years ago now.

Best of luck for the future, even if I’m now (again) worried about the future of Waypoint. Austin Walker for president.


Thanks, Austin. Thaustin.


Holy bananapants. I mean, in some sense Austin always seemed destined to tell stories. It’s just hard to reconcile that in my head with the idea that said storytelling would take him away from Waypoint. Waypoint is ultimately a reflection of everybody who has passed through it but when Vice wanted somebody to put together a games vertical that was going to do something different, there’s a reason they called Austin first. Thanks for everything Austin.


Thank you, Austin! I’ve loved your work on Waypoint and wish you all the best moving on to your future!


Lionel Messi leaves Barcelona in the same week that Austin leaves Waypoint. Does any of the other greatest to ever do it in their medium want to leave their spiritual home?


Well I guess Mecha Souls is now confirmed. :sweat_smile:

In any case, congrats Austin for following your bliss!


thank you for the radicalization, austin. *salute


Thank you for everything, Austin. Really helped change how I look at games and games space and politics and everything. I’m really going to miss him on the pod.


Thank you for everything you do, Austin. I’ve loved your writing and contributions to the podcast for years now.

Thanks for being a part of making this place my favorite place on the Internet for games.

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It’s hard for me to overstate how much finding Waypoint and Austin back in 2017 changed so many different parts of my life. I don’t think I would feel the way I do about the world, much less video games, without the past almost five years of following his work. It was both a constant centering force in my life and a companion through some really difficult years, and I’m so happy that he’s getting this opportunity and already incredibly nostalgic for everything that’s come before.

So, thanks for everything, Austin. Can’t wait to see the amazing things you continue to make moving forward.


I have done my fair share of social/political/historical academic and professional work, and honestly I frequently reflect on how truthfully listening to Austin fucking Walker talk about video fucking games has been one of the most formative intellectual and personal activities in my day-to-day life. I have always resisted getting too wrapped up in the parasocial relations we build with our favourite podcasters and content creators, but it’s truly remarkable to me just how much I have been influenced by this random dude I first encountered making bad rockets in Kerbal with Alex and Vinny.

What a wonderful ride this stupid Waypoint thing has been / will continue to be. I am deeply grateful for every second of it.

Edit: and I should add, or course, I am extremely excited whatever good bullshit Austin comes up with next. Just thinking about all the Friends at the Table lore and the possibilities are endless. That kid can go far.


Thank you Austin. I like the way you talk about video games, Star Wars and mechs. I was fully on board when you left GB to create Waypoint and I think what you built here has been really great and is probably my favourite place to talk about games.

It’s been a crazy couple of years to build a video game website, but I will always appreciate the ways in which you and the waypoint team make sense of it all, with intelligence, insight and gracefulness.


You know what I love? Seeing creative, interesting people get a chance to do what they enjoy.

Congratulations Austin, and thank you for all you do and have done. You introduced me to new ways of thinking about video games and media, and for that I’ll always be particularly grateful.

Looking forward to whatever comes next from you!


Thanks Austin. Like many people I followed you here from GB and I’m so glad I did. I’ve found a community and learned so much. Here’s to the next thing, sounds like it will be huge for you.

And now for my contribution to Austin Content™:

Vividly remember walking down the street and hearing this and it struck a real chord with me.


i don’t have words. thank you Austin insert series of claps austin going off on mechs was always a joy