Thank you Danika


Not too prolific a forum poster here, but I felt the need to get this down since I didn’t see a topic on it yet. As you may have heard, Danika is leaving Waypoint. She has done an incredible job building this community and I, for one, will miss her singular voice on the @waypoint twitter. Austin, please promise to get her on the podcast now and then to talk about anime. Best of luck to you and Goddesspeed!

EDIT: Since people seem to already be doing this, please share your favorite Danika moments in this thread!


thank danika
rt if u agree


thx danka, thx fr feeties


It’s hard not to see parallels with when Austin left GB right after E3 two years ago. It sucked at the time but obviously it turned out great and I’m certain whatever Danika does next will be extremely cool.

Thank you Danika. You’ve done great work.

Now, will someone please explain to me the origin of all the feet stuff?


I’m surprised there wasn’t a thread earlier.
Thank you Danika for being a fantastic community manager and personality on the site.
Thanks for all the memes, strange internet references, surreal tweets.
Also of course your insightful articles and your valuable contributions to the podcast.
I’m interested in seeing what you do next, wish you good luck!
(Also I never completed your fursona drawing, I should give you that someday)


xXx69420xXx … o7

(good luck with whatever you decide to do in the future!)



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Danika really helped establish the voice of Waypoint that we love, and it won’t be the same without her, and I hope only the best for her going forward!


The website is gonna get a lot less weird with her departure, and we will be poorer for it. Thank you Danika for all the jokes, dokes, and feeties. Good luck in LA!


Thank you Danika for shaping this wonderful community and Waypoint in general, as well as constantly making me double take my Twitter feed.

Edit: still my favorite


Speaking as both a forum moderator and a poster, Danika is an important part of Waypoint for me (and I suspect all the other moderators too), not only as a point of contact but also as just a really kind, funny, irreverent and whimsical personality who I will sorely miss being around. As someone who just is entrenched in in games journalism circles, I never felt like any other site had quite the voice or personality on social media like Waypoint and that was all Danika’s handiwork. Her contributing her own perspectives to the editorial side too on the streams, podcast made Waypoint even more enjoyable and I just think not enough people in the wider community give her credit for that. I will miss her a lot.

2 back salute


Good luck, thanks for everything!


I hope wherever she goes next continues to include videos of her playing Yakuza because they’re my favourite thing ever.


I am deeply grateful to Danika for orchestrating and guiding such an inclusive and welcoming community at Waypoint. It is the first online community I have ever interacted with this regularly/deeply/sincerely!
I trust Waypoint to continue strong but her voice will be sorely missed. That said, I am super excited to see what she does next!


Hope whatever jerks took her realize how talented of a personality she is and put her on screen/air. :rage:

Good luck!


dan(i)ka schoen


Waypoint wouldn’t be the same without Danika, I’m so grateful for all that she’s contributed and for giving me the chance to help out in whatever small way. I can’t wait to see what she gets up to in the future but her presence at Waypoint will definitely be missed.

Thanks Danika :sparkling_heart:


fifteen chara


Thank you Danika for being a super rad and thoughtful person and bringing the kind of humor that makes the rest of the crew go “damn it Danika”

I wish you the best on whatever you’re pursuing next!