That Detective Pikachu Trailer


So…I didn’t know what I was expecting, but I am pleasantly surprised. I thought the hair was going to look weird, but it makes sense, or else they would be weirdly smooth and shiny. What does everyone else think?


Love it, love it, love it. Just give this movie all the damn Oscars. Did you see that Jigglypuff?!


I like it apart from the dirty-ass Psyduck at 0:07.

Please let my boy into an apartment and let him have a bath.

He can’t be on the street he has chronic migraines.


I had no idea this was going to be a movie and, aside from my own weird inexplicable dislike of Ryan Reynolds, this was pleasantly surprising and kind of cute?

Based on the last joke, this is going to be PG-13 right? Kind of amazed that the Pokemon Company would let that slide, but also that makes sense given their ever aging fanbase.


I’m someone who actually loved the game (and I can tell I’m gonna be running a defense force for it for the next 6 months); I was legitimately looking forward to this and… it’s not what I expected? Clearly that’s the case for everyone, but… visual style being a bit creepy aside, the only concern I have is the tone of the city being darker, but I can understand that.

I think the context of the game helps, though, given what I’ve seen people feel weird about? A lot of the intial plot details (dad in a car crash, meeting Pikachu in the apartment, etc.) are straight from the game, even though I expect the rest of the plot to change and not be about “R”. Pikachu being sarcastic is actually from the game; it’s usually his human-like intelligence having to play off of more animalistic Pokemon but kinda bumbling through interactions with them as a result, like the Mr. Mime scene. So beyond the city itself no longer being as bright and cheery, I’m hopeful they’re still following what the game found important.

The game was the most appealing thing set in the Pokémon world for me in like a decade, though, so I’m definitely still on board. Rhyme City is a place where everyone has a partner Pokémon rather than is a trainer (which it seems like they’re keeping), so you got to see how people actually live their lives (and do their work!) with Pokémon around rather than just battling, and similarly how Pokemon feel about living with humans. It’s unfortunately a very easy point and click adventure game with a kinda bland localization, but I found the voice acting to be great and with some surprisingly good cutscene animation as well. I would really recommend people check it out (though I expect a Switch version eventually) if you have any interest in that side of Pokémon.


Are there battles or acknowledged battles in the game? The weirdest thing I got from the trailer is that if this world is one in which Pokemon and humans are cohabitants or partners rather than trainers/trainees, then that would make fighting all the more sinister and barbaric? I am not sure if that is the right way to put it but the trailer seems to suggesting some sort of unground fighting ring and all the visual cues imply something between fight club and dog fighting which doesn’t really sit well with me. To me, the very thing that defines Pokemon (catching them all, battling) really cannot be translated beyond a game because then you have media in which a central aspect of the world is people pitting animals against each other until one of them drops from exhaustion. I should note I say all of this as one who has never seen a Pokemon movie and while I watched a bit of the TV show as a kid, was much more heavily invested in the games.


The movie looks much better in motion that screencaps would lead you to believe, I am pretty happy with how Pikachu looks here (he’s so fluffy!) but I think they did overdid the detail of scales or fur. Few steps back please.


That is all


That “Oh my god” was the weirdest part


The game doesn’t really have any formal battling in it, no. There is some fighting between Pokémon but Detective Pikachu can’t use attacks so it’s not exactly a focus. He briefly encounters Ash’s Pikachu but Ash isn’t around, and you meet a kid who wants to be a Pokémon Ranger at one point, but they don’t talk about trainers much in comparison.

I would imagine they would play up the bond between Pokémon and trainer, just like the anime does (as far as I remember) when discussing battling, though? I could easily feel pretty uncomfortable as well depending on the framing, but I think there are ways to make it more like… coaching a martial arts fight, or something, than outright forcing your partners to participate in dog fighting. Particularly because, thinking as I type, it’s a world where there’s a lot of science done around Pokémon and their named attacks (IIRC even Detective Pikachu says things like “I can’t use Thunderbolt” vs “I can’t shoot electricity”, and so on) so there’s some (iffy!) stuff to work with there w/r/t it not being unnatural to have them fight. Obviously that weakens if you have them be a bit more like animals, but the game didn’t go so far that “I enjoy a challenge”, “I enjoy fighting”, etc. would be weird to hear them voice.

So… given the line about Tim (who is not from the city) wanting to be a trainer as well as the narration highlighting how the city’s different, I expect some of this will be in play here, but I guess it would be weird for them to actually judge training as being bad given what the other games are? Hmm.


jiggly puff should be smooth and i can’t remember where the fuckin “danny devito should voice detective pikachu” thing started but it’s also correct and the more screencaps i see the less i want to have anything to do with this unless i’m 5 beers in and it’s on netflix in a years time


I’m kind of in love with the look of this. My mental image of a live action PokeMon movie would be something that’s saccharine and polished to an unequivocal shine. But there’s an odd grittiness to this that is initially off-putting, but appears tonally consistent with the world this trailer shows without veering too far into “cynical edge” country. I dunno, I had zero expectations of this being something worth seeing, but now I want to go watch it for its PokeMon portrayals alone.


i don’t know why the texture for mr. mime’s shoulderpads is literally just a middle school dodgeball, with a seam in the rubber and everything, but i don’t like it. is he stealing dodgeballs from schools to clothe himself? is he born with them on?


Show me those ghost pokemon you cowards


it also looks like the Mr. Mime is wearing socks? Those aren’t just its feet, they’re… shoes? Is the hair just two socks hanging loose over terrifying flesh coloured horns?

Maybe it’s like as a species they were manufactured like marionettes or action figures with the line on the socket joints being like lines from a plastic mold?


Seth Everman retweeted this and now you have to look at it too

two images


I support Mr Mime being creepy looking, even if it gives me nightmares.


It’s pretty well established in universe that Pokemon battles are handled a lot closer to, say, real world mixed martial arts as opposed to underground dog fighting. One thing I DO wish the mainline games addressed more is how not everyone who has Pokemon uses them for battling. One of the more appealing aspects of the Pokemon universe is the fact that, aside from the animal life having a variety of super powers, it’s very “mundane”. The fact that Pokemon are just parts of people’s every day lives regardless if they do Pokemon battles or not is something I’m glad this movie appears to be touching on. If I was in the Pokemon universe, I wouldn’t be a trainer. I’d just want to have some really cool pets (and who wouldn’t want to hug an Arcanine?).


Everytime someone brings up the birthing process of a Mr Mime, a demon gets his wings


the fact they went with photorealistic nightmare pokemon instead of just doing the thing that makes sense and compositing hand-drawn cartoons into the world is baffling and I hate it