That Detective Pikachu Trailer


Congratulations on already being the best video game movie.


So this is PG-13 Ted?

I didn’t laugh once but it seems… fine? It doesn’t seem annoying, which is the yardstick for most video game movies to pass, so I guess it’s a masterpiece of the genre.


Pikachu with fur looks as bad to me as the brussel sprout TMNT monsters from those live action movies.


to clarify, i don’t think the mr. mime design is “bad” because it is “creepy,” or even that it is creepy persay? but more that those are clearly just dodgeballs and i’m wondering who made that design decision, and if they have ever seen a pokemon game before. is it somehow more realistic for mr. mime’s clothing/outfit/appearance to be comprised of ordinary objects, as opposed to some sort of naturally occurring organic structure? with the direction they’ve chosen to take the designs, there are a lot of things you have to reconcile and compromise on to make pokemon work in the Real World, and i think the choice they made is fascinating, and i would genuinely love to know what their thought process was



Is there anything here that’d be PG-13 and not PG?

Honestly wondering, I don’t see many movies so I don’t have a solid idea of where the line is. But unless they actually get into like… investigating anything seedy, which they likely won’t, I don’t think it needs to be or would aim to be PG-13?


I guess not. It’s just the tone and the colour-grading don’t say “kid’s movie” to me, they say “have your weird pikachu movie you millennial” and that’s a 15-20 year age gap.


everyone’s talking about mr mime and jigglypuff but no-one is focusing on how bad the charizard looked. deviantart oc looking ass motherfucker


everything about this film is baffling to me

i can’t believe i’m gonna see it on opening night


the pokemon designs are kind of hit or miss for me especially since they kind of just look like the original pokemon with detailed textures pasted on rather than something realistic enough to believably exist in a live action world but tbh it’s quirky enough to still have my interest regardless of what Biologist Brain says. probably not a movie i’ll see on opening night but i almost certainly will see it


I like devianart ocs as opposed to this rendition of charizard. They are usually way cooler looking.


i hate pokemon, so it follows that i love this trailer


This looks silly & weird and seems to know it is so I’m all for it. Also Pokemon are nightmare horrors & appear as such.


Very true I mean a Magcargo is a walking natural disaster.


I’m totally charmed by this trailer. it looks silly but self aware and honestly looks like it might be one of the best video game movies


a lot of this looks nightmarish but i bet it will still be fun to watch. jigglypuff should be smooth tho. can’t believe i’m gonna say it but hideokojima is right


I always assumed Jigglypuff had a velvet-like texture.I think they went a tad overboard on giving it so much fur, but it certainly shouldn’t be all fleshy.


I was honestly expecting them to go the route of those hyper “realistic” designs that pop up from time to time, so it was nice to see they still have stylized designs. They could def scale it down with some of the texturing, Charizard, but all in all, I consider it a win that the trailer showed me zero open sores on anything.

And Jigglypuff should 100% have skin like a balloon.


This looks great.

… but I still like the Super Mario Bros. movie, so yeh. I have faith in a good Nintendo movie.


no open saurs, but a non-zero number of bulba-saurs