That Detective Pikachu Trailer


Where were you when all of Pixar got annihilated by a talking electric rat


I wasn’t expecting this to work for me, but it does.

And I want my realistic Snorlax now, please.


Im fuckin all in. This looks super weird

Real live action Ninja Turtles vibe from that Mr Mime


What did it matter where you lay once you were dead? In a dirty sump or in a marble tower on top of Vermilion City? You were dead, you were sleeping the big snorlax, you were not bothered by things like that. Grass and water were the same as bug and dragon to you. You just slept the big snorlax, not caring about the nastiness of how you died or where you fell. Me, I was part of the nastiness now.


Who’d have thought that the first genuinely great video game movie would be based on Detective Pikachu for the 3DS.

Boggles my mind.


This is beautiful.


turns out that the movie’s production designer literally googled “realistic pokemon” and ended up hiring RJ Palmer as a concept artist.

it look like the final designs ended up closer to their canon appearances, but it turns out that the comparisons to those kinds of fanart are more accurate than you’d think.


mr. mime is a fucking creepo


There’s massive value to an unexpected and controversial aesthetic choice for a big tie-in piece of media, particularly in the same week that a new game in the series launches. A more traditional choice would have drawn discussion, but not as much as people posting shocked reactions to odd character designs. It sticks to the public consciousness like glue for a few days.

I’m glad that, 25 years after the Super Mario Bros movie, Nintendo is not only getting back into the movie adaptation game, but also willing to let studios get weird with it. Illumination’s Mario movie they’re making is probably going to be comparatively safe, predictable, and horribly dull (in other words, the studio’s entire filmography).


im sure there is a school of thought that asserts “it is shitty that the production designer wasn’t already a superfan and didn’t just know every detail of every pokemon by hEART alREADY” but fuck that school, this is actually tight as hell


I never real liked these drawing that much but it is pretty cool, I am happy for the guy.


scuse me Germany whatchu doin’?



These Pokemon designs remind me a lot of the 2010 fan-made trailer for “Pokemon Apokélypse”. Like the shot of the Jigglypuff is even the same.


The feels when RTX gives you a hat.



fifteen characters



What do you think are the odds of the movie having a shot panning across the back/side of a store/office where a few employees are taking a smoke break, and then there’s a Koffing floating next to one of them?


Damn this preview by getting to me with the three seconds of movie trailer chimes playing the damn original Red/Blue theme at the beginning of the trailer.

As likely as I know the beginning of the third act will have our hero and the young man that isn’t Detective Pikachu going to the tippety-top of some iconic skyscraper to see Bill Nighy’s character who is a tall gaunt secluded man accompanied by a small and jovial Pokemon of some variety to facilitate his monkish image of serenity that maybe is a front for his actual nefariousness or maybe not. Bill Nighy can go both ways, Bill Nighy and the adorable ass Butterfree, Chimchar, or Ralts he hangs out with.


It looks weird but I think that sort of helps to set the mood? Like, it’s going to be different in tone than the regular Pokémon cartoons, so it sort of communicates that by making the actual pokémon look very different, to underline that “We’re not in Kansas anymore” feel. I don’t think it’s for shock value or to stir up discussion to market the film (A cynic might disagree with me, idk) but more like to manage your expectations?