That Detective Pikachu Trailer


I’m so damn excited for this movie. Trash or not, I’m going to have so much fun just watching it.


iiiit’s aaamaaaaazzzziiinggg


Also I dunno what the canon is these days but is the suggestion here that Pokemon are actually trying to communicate but people just can’t understand them?

If so, how come that one Meowth was able to learn human language through studying (in an attempt to impress a lady Meowth)?


I beleive the implication was that Team Rocket Meowth learned how to speak in exchange for being able to learn moves other than Fury Scratch, hence being consistantly as useless as the rest of them.


He also missed out on pay day as well, which was a major plot element in he first anime series in one episode.


this trailer turning up and autoplaying silently on my twitter feed and every time I see detective pikachu without sound my brain just fills in normal pikachu noises. I think that is a success of some sort on their part.


I’ve had just about every kind of feeling watching this trailer including nostalgia, horror, and curiosity. After watching it a few times I thinking I’ve settled on “hey what the heck it might be good or at least fun”.


I know I’m replying a few days late, but I saw this, so- at least in the Detective Pikachu game, I’d say they aren’t really expecting humans to understand them because they’re all intelligent enough to know humans can’t? Or at least, they’ve figured out how to communicate with them but know they’re not hearing the literal words they’re saying. They can definitely talk to all other Pokémon, though, which… raises its own questions?

Meowth makes no sense, of course. Not that he should have to, though.