That Detective Pikachu Trailer


First of all, don’t kink shame.

Second of all, what fur?


There are definitely designs to be upset about in this movie (why does the monkey pokemon have carnivore teeth) but Bulbasaur ain’t one of them. Little buddy is cute here.

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Yo that mewtwo tho.

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the fact that they saw aipoms huge cartoon grin and decided to just give him a huge set of perfectly straight teeth makes me wonder how their gonna adapt some of the more bs pokemon designs.


also that golurk was GOOD.

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On the one hand, I hope there’s a Garbador

On the other, I think my brain would break

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Gotta say, Aipom is the one single design so far giving me second guesses about the whole movie. That thing is a nightmare.


It IS a nightmare but I love it. I feel like any other movie would have either just given us a mostly accurate cgi monkey with aipom’s fur pattern or would just stick to the original pokemon designs and have real actors next to cartoony characters. I think what we are getting is preferable & I probably wouldn’t care about the movie if they weren’t this committed to the bit.

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This just keeps looking better and better

That Pancham and that Pangoro has all my love

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As someone who growing up can remember key family functions and places by thinking what Pokemon game I was playing then, every time a new promo trailer drops I get imaginably jazzed to watch this movie.

“You wanted to be a Pokemon trainer when you were young.”
“Yeah, that didn’t really… work out.”

This line dropped in the first trailer really gave me faith that this project understood who it’s audience was, and I have had nothing but confirmation of that since.

A cinematic Pokemon movie, what a time to be alive.


I am legitimately impressed by how good, and varied, the trailers have been at this point. My initial amusement and skepticism at the premise of this movie has fully given way to genuine excitement.


When Psyduck hugs Pikachu ooooooo