That New New 2DS


What’s the deal? I mean it makes a ton of sense seeing as how for at least 2 years there hasn’t been a 3D focused game for the 3DS, if they even ship with 3D functionality at all.

It just seems the whole branding thing is going to be weird. We can assume there won’t be another 3DS. So does the whole line change? Will they be 2DS games from now on? Should Nintendo have just called it the DS 2(3?)and broke away from the bonkers naming conventions of the 3DS/2DS family? Does it even matter in the end at all!?


I think at this point, it’s Nintendo’s farewell to that console. I think it’s smart of them to release one final piece of hardware, with the screen size and form factor less toy-ish than the standard 2DS, at a decent price point to get last minute people in on this huge library of great games they made before moving on. The design of it I could give or take, the clamshell looks oddly flimsy and I think the ring around the top screen is a bit too toyish, but I think it’s a decent option.

As far as nomenclature, it’s unquestionably just a mess at this point, but I have hope in how vastly different the identity of the branding for the Switch is that they’re willing to leave that legacy to the DS family.


This is Nintendo admitting that they failed with the 3D thing and at the same time getting more hardware out there at a lower price point. If I didn’t already have a normal 2DS I would be all over it. They wont admit it, but this is likely also the last of the *DS hardware.

Feel bad for my friend though, he just bought a 2DS like a month ago lol


Ye, this is Ninty saying that combining a middling parallax barrier 3D screen with a terrible SoC (which can barely do low end phone 3D graphics, let alone render once per eye) was a mistake and they’d rather close out the generation of portable with something that doesn’t have the wasted cost of that screen type. Give people a way to play those *DS games on a device that’s not the most of compromised budget plastic mess (flat 2DS) wihtout forcing them to buy into a New 3DS when that 3D is often not going to be used much.


It definitely feels like a send off of sorts. It’s hard to see them doing another portable after this mainly due to the versatility of the Switch but we’ll see I suppose.


I’m in so deep with Nintendo that the name makes perfect sense to me, and since I think the *DS line of games only has a year or two left in it, I don’t think the naming issue will be too much of a problem since there won’t be anything to confuse it with. Unlike the DS/3DS, or the Wii/Wii-U.

As @cloversealife said, I think the appeal of this is a fairly cheap device that has a extraordinary library of games - nearly all of them under $30 save the most recent of the 3DS games, assuming you can’t find them used for less. The New 2DS can play any 3DS game, any New 3DS game, and I believe it can play most original DS and DSi games. Hell, there’s at least one Switch game that is going to be cross-platform: Fire Emblem Warriors.

If I didn’t already own a New 3DS (the gorgeous Galaxy one, at that), I could see the appeal.


If I didn’t already own a New 3DS (the gorgeous Galaxy one, at that), I could see the appeal.

First off, good choice on the Galaxy 3DS. Very pretty.

But yeah, there’s nothing actually “new” about the New 2DS. It’s just an optimized way to play DS/3DS games. And at this point, there’s not much that’s going to sell the 2DS to anyone who hasn’t already taken that plunge. Anyone looking for cheap games to occupy kids is more likely to grab them an iPod touch and let them mess around with free games from the App store.

There’s also something to be said about the confusion that came with the name “2DS”. Lots of parents and grandparents are going to be hesitant to get something that says “2” when there’s a whole shelf full of games that say “3”, or at the very least be frustrated when they can’t find any games that say “2DS”.


I was going to say that there could be a market for people who own an original 3DS and would like to play games exclusive to New 3DS, but even at $150 I don’t know that there are enough games there to justify it.

Xenoblade Chronicles, Fire Emblem Warriors, Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, and a few SNES Virtual Console game? The built-in Amiibo support might appeal to people who already own amiibos for Wii-U titles, and some games run much more smoothly on N3DS (Hyrule Warriors, Terraria, etc.). I can’t imagine that’s going to sell too many people on it, though.


The Nintendo 0DS. The 3DS minus the 3D.


I actually kind of liked the design of the original 2DS. Something about it just feels right in my hands. This new one just seems like a more rounded 3ds which is ehhhh.


I like it too, but I can definitely see why others wouldn’t. Its an odd duck.


I really dig the new 2DS, branding aside. The two tone look of the blue one is my aesthetic; if I weren’t saving up to hopefully get a Switch soon, I would probably sell my (old) 3DS XL so I could play Xenoblade.

The branding though… Nintendo is kind of the Fitbit of consoles.


I’m curious for some reports on how bad the speakers are. It’s a loser’s game to listen to 3DS audio from those little speakers anyways, but the positioning (at the bottom left and right corners of the lower half of the New 2DS XL) seems odd. Time will tell!

This does seem like the most streamlined hardware design they’ve had in a while. For example, the ribbon cable going through that hinge is going to be the simplest one yet. My hunch is that if you want a “keeper” 3DS this might be it. Remember to replace that SD card every few years—they don’t last forever—and you may stand a chance of playing 3DS games well into the future. Kinda like the Game Boy Pocket or the Game Boy Advance SP with backlit screen: the one idiots like me buy right at the end of the generation in hopes of being able to revisit the games way past their sell-by date.


I still have a 3DS XL and I’m looking into maybe selling that to buy a New 2DS XL, the appeal of SNES virtual console games alone is enough to make me think about it, and I only play 3DS games in 2D as it is anyway. I’m also thinking of selling the 3DS XL to go towards the purchase of a Switch as well because dang do I want that new Zelda.

Edit: the only reason I wouldn’t sell my 3DS XL is because the model I have is the gold and black Link Between Worlds edition with the giant Triforce on the top and I really dig the look of it.


To me, the 2DS XL feels like the type of cheaply manufactured revision that hits at the end of a product’s life. Think of the PS3’s top-loading revision that came out late in it’s life, or the Xbox 360 revision that was designed to make it visually match with the Xbox One. I feel like this is just Nintendo’s attempt to wring the last bits of profit out of the 3DS family during it’s last year or so of support.


The 2DS XL looks really good especially with that sweet Metal Slime Edition but the size of an XL is way too big for me. My N3DS is good enough and I actually like the 3D effect in my game. Definitely sad when it’s being left unused in some games like Pokemon or Dragon Quest VIII.

I at least feel that the production of a new model will keep a little bit of momentum going for at least until 2018, and hopefully Nintendo decides to localize some more japanese only games our way but I think they’re mainly trying to capitalize on the fact that their first party games are doing very well in the long run. I think X/Y and Omega are both million seller for 2016 and I don’t think they ever dropped in price.


I’m happy to see the New 2DS because I have people in my circle of friends who I used to play local multiplayer DS games with all the time, but who haven’t been able to work a 3DS into their budgets. I’m hoping a more affordable *DS system that isn’t a slab and has duel stick controls will mean more chances for sociable gaming.


My theory for the N2DSXL was that it was the backup plan if the switch failed- people saying it’s the last revision makes more sense. Still, I get why it was made- the New 3DS materials are probably cheap and plentiful, the case is stylish and thin (aka less plastic), and it’s another SKU to make money. For people who don’t have a 3ds yet and can’t afford a switch, it’s one of the best propositions made.


Until I clicked on this thread I’d seriously thought the new 2DS was something I’d dreamt a couple days ago


Speaking of Nintendo related dreams I had a dreams a couple of nights ago when I was hopped up on benadryl because allergies that I had won a new Nintendo Switch in some sort of obstacle course contest. It was one of the most vivid dreams I remember having in a while.