That Overwatch Cross-Promotion

So Blizzard has decided to encourage people to play Heroes of the Storm by rewarding players with some pretty dope Overwatch skins. I love me some Overwatch and think that D.Va skin is just what my collection needs

Unfortunately I don’t have a friends list full of people wanting to play Heroes. If you’re in the same boat as me and would like to work together to get those sweet rewards, leave your Battlenet ID and we can all become friends.

You can find me at Lodge#2658

Same boat here, need that D.Va skin in my life :grin:
I sent you a friend request on Battlenet @lodge, I’m Trycester#2409 if anyone else wants to add me!

Sent you both a request! I’m Windjammer#1906

Look, am not saying I bit the bullet and got a friend to do the thing with me

But I am saying that the Police skin makes a police siren noise when you boost and I’ve been shouting “POLIS” into all chat a lot recently

So make of that what you will


If some people want the skins but don’t want to play a moba (which is understandable) I think Jeff Kaplan said that both the D.Va and the Genji skin will be available to get in loot boxes at a later date.
I play some amount of Overwatch and would love to play with some wonderful people from the Waypoint community. I’m : aTurtleShell #2177 (you decide whether it’s “a turtle’s hell” or “a turtle shell”). I play on the EU servers btw.

It does what? Oh my god I need it.

I have to keep steeling myself to go back into Heroes AND play against real people this week. :frowning:

As much as I want to get that thing I barely have any idea how to even get into a game in Heroes of the Storm. That game is impenetrable for me.

I keep thinking that, and it tends to take roughly a game, which is almost invariably filled with some abuse to go back to thinking, “you know what? Player vs. AI is fine, I actually kinda enjoy that, even if it isn’t super challenging.”

One of the downsides of starting playing, but hardly playing at all since technical alpha is a surprisingly high level account for having absolutely no idea what heroes do, the meta, the theory, etc.

I’m AlmostSwede#2426. Would love to get that D.Va skin but if you just wanna hang out and play OW I’ll nano boost you anytime!

Unfortunately the skin requires competing against real people. If anyone wants a quick beginner’s guide to HOTS, I’ll try to post here later.


Oh, oh no.

Rest in police, D.Va skin.


I felt iffy about the skin (proper discussions aside, which I’ve seen in another overwatch thread, I’m just a generally not a police fan so, meh) but…cute noises? Aw shit


Boy, do I want that Dva skin! I’m PlanetSketch#2398 and play on European servers. Feel free to add me!

ETA: I have sent some people in this thread a friend request.

These promotions make me so angry. I play a lot of HotS, but never party up because I don’t have any friends who like playing it. Anyways, my BattleID is madmatt213#1386 (and play on American servers). I’ll add everyone that posted here next time I’m home and have my PC booted up.