That Scene in Bee Movie where Barry B. Benson Says "You Like Jazz?" Fans, Hello



ah i see you like jazz
what if you liked jazz on a 16 times grid with overlapping sound?
(content warning for pulsing patterns and audio hellscapes)


This would be a horrifying, distressing, speaker-blowing nightmare—that is, if I weren’t such a big fan of that scene in Bee Movie where Barry B. Benson says “You like jazz?”








holy hell this track is amazing and I’m mad that the internet’s inveterate nostalgia machine has not spent the past decade inundating me and every other living human with Buck Bumble remixes



Truly the only scene in a film that actually made me analyze my own feelings on jazz and jazz-related tuneage



I know Neil C’s mashups are primarily novelty but this one is of a small handful that actually qualify as full-on bangers



Oh shit we’re doing the Buck Bumble thing now huh?