That Upgrade Feeling? (Crazy Taxi Question)


I’m really enjoying Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire, but as a person who’s never played any sort of Crazy Taxi game before I need someone to answer one question for me: What the hell does “What’s the German word for that upgrade feeling?” mean?! Characters keep bringing it up, and it seems specifically designed to stymie Google. I’ve learned about all sorts of useful German words we don’t have in English, the Crazy Taxi games, actual crazy taxi drivers, taxis getting more efficient, and anything else in the venn diagram of the concepts: German, Taxi, Crazy, and Upgrade, but I can’t find anything to tell me what the word is (assuming it’s not just a joke) or any context about it in Crazy Taxi games (joke or not).

Help me Waypoint community: What IS the German word for that upgrade feeling?


I have to imagine it’s just some sort of obscure joke. The writing for a lot of those people gets kind of nuts at times.

My favorite so far was “I don’t get ugly sweaters at all. You just plaid yourself”


Yeah its just a joke. I think its referencing how on tumblr a few years ago a lot of people became obsessed with finding words for things in other languages that “you can’t describe in english”. Some words do fit that category but it was getting kind of out of hand, some of the stuff people were talking about had perfectly fine words for it already but someone still wanted “the german word for (x)”.


One character will even say that there isn’t a German word for that feeling.