The 2018 Waypoint Community List of Lists


I just need to say that the first Heat Signature character I ever rolled was named “Lady Love”


Then may I interest you in the newest DLC they released for free if you own wotc that let’s you create a squad then play a scenario mission with them?

Short and straight to the stuff you like and you aren’t locked into a 30 hour campaign.

Highly recommend grabbing Skirmish+ as well


oh yeah i did get that! it looks fun i just haven’t gotten around to playing it yet (well, i tried, but then i realized that it had been months since i had played xcom and had forgotten how to do absolutely anything in it lol)

i’ll definitely keep that mod in mind, thank you!


Favorite Non-2018 games (I played in 2018)

1. Solitarica

I’ve spent too many hours on this game. It’s the closest I’ve gotten to feeling addicted to a video game in a long time. I don’t mean thinking about it when I’m not playing it, I mean nearly unable to pull myself away from. It’s such the perfect Timeout game, and I really didn’t start with it until the later part of the year. The combination of slay the spire like progression and solitaire has me at it’s mercy. It’s so good.

2. Beeswing

Really adored this game. The music fits the art so well. Was a delight to explore.

3. Divinity: Original Sin 2

Played this with three friends and it was fantastic. Each of us took a story character and took turns picking out quests to do together. Sometimes one player would wander into a situation where they had to fight and the rest of us would rush to the rescue. The battle system is immaculate. One of the best turn-based rpg combat systems hands down. The enemies and encounters were really varied and a blast to figure out.

4. System Crash

I don’t even remember where I heard about this, but it scratches a very specific itch of a cyberpunk single-player CCG. It’s really a game I was taken completely by surprise and glad I tried.


Top 15 2018 Games I Want to Play in 2019

  1. Heaven will be Mine
  2. Wandersong
  3. Vampyr
  4. Ni no Kuni II
  5. Frostpunk
  6. Secret Little Haven
  7. The Pizza Delivery Boy Who Saved the World!
  8. The Banner Saga 3
  9. Fortune-499
  10. Cultist Simulator
  11. Dust and Salt
  12. Attentat 1942
  13. Deltarune
  14. Life is Strange 2
  15. Valkyria Chronicles 4


Biggest Snubs from the Waypoint Game of the Year Polls (That I Can Think Of Right Now)

  1. The Haunted Island: A Frog Detective Game - Best Writing

  1. Lethal League Blaze - Best Fighter

its pong but 90s

also has a popping soundtrack

  1. Dandara - Best Soundtrack

Y’all? I’m sorry. But… I think this might match Celeste. Y’all? It’s so good. This game also deserves some recognition for having really incredible game feel and some gorgeous and bizarre visuals? Some of my favorite tracks: Hidden in Logic, Shadow of a Doubt, Hopefully a Nightmare, Crumbling Memories.

I’ve said it elsewhere, but this soundtrack just… oozes style. It’s got these, bizarre, swirling synthetic sounds overlaying warm piano and bongos, that match the topsy-turvy universe its set in. I’m too hazy right now to really give a good explanation of why this soundtrack is incredible, and I might edit this later. So just listen to it:

  1. Below - Best Sound Design

Okay, I know. I know this game isn’t for everyone. I know it’s a slow, masochistic burn of a game. I know it’s dark and difficult and frustrating. I know the first five minutes seem like something out of a Tarkovsky movie. I know. But… the sound design is a brooding, hellish swathe of synthetic hums and distant scrapes in the darkness. It reminds me of a John Carpenter soundtrack. It’s hard to explain without actually experiencing it, so maybe watch this video (though the player isn’t great). This game also has incredible art design, environmental design, and… I don’t know, I actually quite like the game itself, though I know its not for everyone.

But this game has probably the most dread inducing soundscape I’ve heard in a long time. It’s not just fear, or terror, or creepiness, but dread. A deep, awful dread of things to come. Creatures chitter, monsters growl, bones scrape. Grass swishes, water splashes, stones crumble. Jim Guthrie’s music isn’t just a soundtrack, it’s the heaving breath of something echoing down the corridors.

When you die, and you will die, a deep, terrible bellow sounds upon your demise. A bleak and tremendous sound, a shofar from the deepest pits. And when you respawn as a new traveler, on a new boat, sailing past old wrecked ships and onto the same rainy shore, the same bellow hails your arrival, as if to say, “This is only the beginning.”

  1. me - Best Thing

I’m good, and good at it, too!


Ugh holy shit those names. I need to start playing Heat Signature again. I forget constantly how much fun I had with it and that it’s also basically the closest thing we’ll ever get to a Friends at the Table Twilight Mirage video game.

also tag urself i’m crater dust


But are you Best Gamer? Sorry, but the people need to know, I’m just asking the important questions.

@ClairvoyantVibes I’m Jazz Truth, cuz I’m on that Pharoah Sanders shit


Was sad but not surprised to see Dandara passed up, hopefully folks will realize what they missed. The soundtrack makes a great programming companion, it’s sorta… Immersive. You can get into a flow listening to it, which is why it works so well in the game itself too.

Maybe if we talk about it enough people will go play it :stuck_out_tongue: