The 2019 Game Rush Is Here and We're Already Struggling to Keep Up


Last week, Waypoint Radio's special guest Adam Conover made a request: Make the Friday podcast longer. Well, we're not saying this is our new policy, but for Adam and everyone else desperate for more listening material, we hope this giant-sized, nearly three hour long episode provides adequate accompaniment on your journey through the weekend.

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Wait excuse me did Patrick say that Toto’s Africa was a bad song?


I’m pretty sure a three hour podcast means that Undertale chat happened again


Even seeing “2019 game rush” is giving me anxiety…

EDIT: Mother of God, that fuckin dog jpeg! How have I not seen that yet, lmao


thanking robo-post in an expression of extreme gratitude for Very Long Pod


Wow, 2019 really came out swinging, with not one but two large budget triple AAA critically acclaimed games (Resident Evil 2 Remake and Kingdom Hearts 3).


TBH, “2018 game rush” basically contributed to me barely playing anything new last year…


Fair enough, I just think 2019 might be the year I largely avoid the zeitgeist, other than Anthem and Gears.


I think I may be the oppsite actually haha. I’m probably not gonna be able to get the new generation of consoles for a long while, so with them almost certainly dropping next year, This is probably the last year for a long time that I would be able to participate in said zeitgeist. So even stuff I don’t usually play I want to try it. Idk I probably won’t play too many games than I normally do, but I want to be in the conversation


I just want to say that the last few minutes of this podcast have killed me, thank you.


Also I’ve dove into the podcast and several hours of Natalie explaining kingdom hearts is going to be an interesting experience.


Man, what I’d give to grab a bucket of popcorn and watch all those Kingdom Hearts cutscenes on a couch with the Waypoint crew.


Yeah! Hold up everything, Patrick be talking smack-frica about Toto’s Africa?

I now also want the Easter Rising to Irish Civil War set game that no one no one in the industry could ever do without it being terrible.


This is definitely the best episode of Waypoint Radio yet. It’s just a coincidence that it’s also the longest. They got to go deep on three different B games, as well as RE2 & Kingdom Hearts, plus these outtakes are fantastic.


I just wanted to comment here that My Time at Portia does have its voice acting in the game, it is just turned off by default.

I am also surprised that Natalie is having such a negative reaction to it, since it is basically a 3D Stardiew Valley where you are a builder/handyman instead of a farmer.


Omg. Austin’s laugh at 02:16:00 is just the purest joy I’ve heard in years.


Austin’s uproarious laughter when Natalie starts talking about going into the mines for data discs is just absolutely wonderful and pure.

All the talk about Mr. X in RE2RE makes me excited at the idea of a RE3 remake. I think RE3 had some cool ideas that didn’t quite work out for one reason or another but if they took another crack at it I bet it could be fantastic. Having to work through some of RE2’s puzzles and figuring out where to go when you know this unstoppable force is stalking you? Oh it’s just so good and tense. Please, Capcom, show everyone what the real Nemesis System is.


I nearly caused a riot at new year insisting the Pitbull take on Africa is better. Well I’m here to let all of you know… It is.


Having beaten ace combat, I kind of want to push back on it being entirely uncritical of monarchy and specifically the princess. Lategame spoilers ~7 missions after Austin was : She’s being used as a mouthpiece for a faction of erusian radicals who have bought into the idea of a bloodless war fought with drones. She’s basically a salve to try and keep public opinion up for an aggressive war of expansion that Erusea starts losing pretty badly due to the protagonist and the loss of an arsenal bird. This leads to her having a meltdown about how many deaths she’s responsible for by trying to keep a losing war going as osean forces push closer to the capital and the countries Erusea occupied start rebelling. Also RE: the space elevator/Osean colonialism, it is later shown that the long term plan was multiple space elevators all over the globe to bring prosperity as they’re essentially giant solar energy sources and harling was legitimately trying to help rebuild Erusea after the events of previous ace combat games. The princess also ends up having a moment about this. If Osea is set up to take the fall in any way in the story I feel there’s a much stronger case for it being critical of prison systems because Osean prison is FUCKED. You gambled too much we’re going to send you to a fake airbase prison to get bombed intentionally and repeatedly sent on suicide missions have fun!


The idea of a game rush makes me nervous because thanks to a consistent addiction to Destiny 2 finally breaking as well as nearly being at the end of FFXV (by which I mean 100%ing it) I’m playing other games and holy cow I have a pile of shame. Add to that my Game Pass membership and yeah, wow. Painful.