The 2019 Game Rush Is Here and We're Already Struggling to Keep Up


On that same note: Green album as Weezer’s worst? When Red exists? Or indeed any album past Make Believe? Patrick is a bad take MACHINE.


I would like to second others in saying, yes, despite being 3 hours long, this episode was extremely entertaining


There’s a tweet going around where somebody replaced Mr. X’s music with X Gon’ Give It To Ya and I just really hope that this turns into a PC mod.


This was a really fun episode, I don’t know if it’s the weird Control Room energy or just slight delirium setting in from recording for 3 hours but everyone was punchy and I loved it.


uhhh… it’s not just one dog???


Wait, Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon are different games? I only just now realized that.


The tweet in question:


Had to find the one I was thinking about.


It didnt really hit me until now but ace combat and re2 both have Mr. Xs in them and now I’m picturing the bioweapon piloting the plane.


I finally made a forum account just to say that this was the best episode yet. I’m not super interested in any of these games, but the crew was just so… on.


Look. I understand The Waypoint crew is busy, you got things you want to do. Metrics you gotta meet etc etc etc.

But how much do I gotta beg to get Natalie & Austin to Stream the RE2 Remake? Hearing them react to the videos they watched of RE2 was fucking golden.


Yeah, I’m sad that RE2 came out as they were transitioning studios because that would (or still can?) be a pretty great stream (or few because mr.X does not enter into it till a couple hours in).


I’ll also add that regarding old versions of games, the entire Resident Evil series is available through Ps classics, playable on Ps3 (no idea why they never added classics to ps4).
In my case, living in Scandinavia, I’ve often found that older films are much harder to get a hold of than games over here. Netflix is sparse, and so are its close competitors; often your best bet is rental services via cable boxes which I don’t have.


Anyone able to find the exact video Austin references at 58:02 when they’re talking about Mr. X? I can’t seem to find the clip


loved this episode! the longer format was nice and dang i need to check out ace combat 7 now


I think it’s this one here (linked to the rough timestamp for your convenience):


am also surprised that Natalie is having such a negative reaction to it, since it is basically a 3D Stardiew Valley where you are a builder/handyman instead of a farmer.

I’m more surprised by the seemingly overwhelmingly positive reviews of the game after having played the demo last year. The demo was okay, nothing too memorable happened for me. The art was nice, though not super intriguing in any particular way, just solidly done, but looked like corporate ghibli. The controls were usable, but nothing felt natural or smooth. Can anyone account for why all sudden acclaim? I would have expected a 7/10 or even an 8/10, but solid 9/10s? I’ll give the steam demo another try, maybe things improved a lot.


The spoiler talk reminded me of The Hex (from the Pony Island devs)


Based on what they did with Mr X in the remake. I kind of dread what they could do with Nemesis in an RE3 remake… You can at least outrun Mr X. You couldn’t outrun Nemesis.

Always preferred Mr X to be honest. He was a bit more simplistic in design. Nemesis felt like peak 90s overpowering villain, like Bane of Spawn. He was basically a musclely tyrant in a black leather trench coat with an arm mounted rocket launcher.