The 2020 Keighley's Thread!

The Game Awards officially announced their 2020 nominees over Twitter this morning

For those interested, the GOTY nominees are:
Animal Crossing New Horizons
DOOM Eternal
Final Fantasy 7 Remake
Ghost of Tsushima
The Last of Us Part 2

Do any of ya’ll have any predictions? Do you want to call out any snubs? Are there any games that don’t deserve a nomination? Are the Game Awards a huge waste of time? Sound off below!

No Crusader Kings III

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Major snubs:

  • Ori and the Will of the Wisps
  • XCOM Chimera Squad
  • Flight Simulator
  • Among Us
  • Gears Tactics
  • Star Wars Squadrons
  • Tony Hawk 1+2

EDIT: Man, no nominations at all for art of rally kinda sucks. That game deserves better.


cool to see hades up there.

I don’t wanna talk too much shit, because I haven’t really spent much time with most of the nominees, but FF7 and Tsushima for Best Narrative? Really?

Yeah, I know FF7R goes some places, but it’s still fundamentally the same story from 20+ years ago, isn’t it?

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I’m such an unabashed stan of the meta narrative that I would happily nominate it on that basis.


I guess I should be happy that Kentucky Route Zero got nominated for something – and I know these awards generally mean even less than other media awards – but man, that game not getting at least a Best Narrative nod feels wrong.


I think that’s going to be the safe winner.

Tho, I do have a dark place in my heart that wants to see Last of Us 2 win to watch THE GAMERS implode.

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DOOM Eternal was a big disappointment, everything around The Last of Us pt. 2 made me retroactively dislike the first one more, and I forgot Ghost of Tsushima existed until I read the title in this post, so I can’t say I’d be into any of those winning but I won’t be surprised when TLOU2 wins.

After everything that happened around it, DOOM in Score/Music seems a bit wild.

Crusader Kings III, imo, deserves to be nominated for more than just the genre-specific category. Especially since there’s a good chance it’ll lose that one to Microsoft Flight Sim. It’s a stand-out and deserves, at least, to be put in GOTY even if only to lose to Hades.

Persona 5 Royal but no Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition? The disrespect…

I’m glad Spiritfarer got a couple of nominations; I’d be shocked if it won anything, but I hope they play some b-roll of it and a few people pick it up as a result. Lovely little game.


13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim is this year’s “game that gets nominated in a big category but I have literally never even heard of it” winner for me. I can’t say for sure it didn’t deserve to be a best narrative contender, but I do suspect something like Kentucky Route Zero was better.

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Yeah, it’s hard to imagine Mick Gordon getting up there and accepting an award after completely burning bridges with Bethesda

We’ll always have this, anyway.

Doom: Eternal’s inclusion on this list is…confusing, although it was one of my predictions (the only one I forgot was Animal Crossing - I had the THPS remaster in that slot instead). I never have terribly high expectations for the Keighley Awards because it’s usually “Here are the four most-advertised games that came out this year, the one AAA game everybody can’t stop talking about, plus the One Indie Game.” It just so happens that the One Indie Game this year is Hades and Hades rules.

I bet most people forgot DE even came out this year, and those that didn’t forget generally agree that it’s a very “3 stars outta 5” kinda game that loses track of what made D2016 feel refreshing, so yeah, its inclusion is odd

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Yeah, the only reason I thought of it was because I thought “Yeah, that’s a game that seems like it would get nominated for a GOTY award” and not out of any particular fondness for it. If Valhalla wasn’t nominated for “Best Action-Adventure Game” (Genre awards the way the VGAs do them are hilariously nonsensical), I would have predicted that no one had the time to play it enough to nominate it.


Kentucky Route Zero for all categories!!! :V

Robbed! Robbed!!!


I want to say for the sake of the first couple posts that CK3, Flight Sim, Chimera Squad, Among Us, and Gears Tactics all got noms in some category or another.

A bunch of these noms are still bullshit though lol


TLOU2 is a shoo-in, it’s tailor-made to tick all of the AAA momentous game boxes and it tees Geoff up to aggrandize the industry’s hollow progressivism. The only ones of these I’d be okay with winning is Hades.

Ghost of Tsushima is undoubtedly a generic modern open-world game with an odd nationalist bent, but I was surprised by how good the storytelling is. I can’t be too sour over that being recognized.

Also, the rule-bending to include older games like Among Us, and early access stuff like Phantasmophobia, is indicative of how small games like this only get recognized if they’re lucky enough to become breakout streamer hits. It’s a reminder of how little press coverage there is outside of AAA’s and high-profile independent games.


TLOUII is probably going to win, but I think Hades has a stronger-than-normal chance of pulling off the upset. The people who are into TLOUII are way into TLOUII, but the chorus was deafening, not universal. Whereas everybody loves Hades.

EDIT: In decreasing order of probability of victory: TLOUII > Hades > Animal Crossing > FFVIIR > Ghost of Tsushima > DOOM: Eternal

Okay, this is me being a hater, but I always feel like if you mention snubs you have to say who you would take out. With that said, any half-good game for Doom: Eternal.

I don’t know, I think Hades is a really safe bet actually. From my perspective, it’s definitely the Disco Elysium of 2020 because of nigh-unanimous praise. It seems like basically everyone has come together to agree that it’s great, which I can’t really say for TLOU2

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It would be nice to have the best game win, particularly this year.