The 91st Academy Awards (2019) Discussion Thread — 0% Approval Rating For Nominees


Oh, so ‘Shallow’ has been nominated for Best Original Song? Haha, that’s funny, becau-

I thought it’d be better to make a new thread for the 2019 Academy Awards rather than have us shuffle on in the corpse of the 2018 Academy Awards.

If you would like to know the nominees, you can find them here!

I don’t think I’ve seen a single person who is actually happy with the nominee slate.


Bumping this because the nominations have been announced

And it seems like the 91st Academy Awards are continuing the long standing tradition of the Oscar’s being a joke. Toni Collette being snubbed for Best Actress is STAGGERING to me and, lol, way to show respect to the MeToo movement by nominating Bohemian Rhapsody, you absolute garbage-people.

And because everyone’s talking about it, I don’t think it’s the most egregious nominee by a looooooong shot, but Black Panther? Nah, gonna take a pass on that one. Sorry.

The Academy Awards 2018 Discussion Thread

You don’t think Black Panther deserves it? In terms of noms, it’s probably like the 3rd best choice in that field


I thought it was just alright. There’s definitely stuff I would take off BEFORE it, but better than Hereditary, Annihilation, First Reformed (I should have said that I was talking strictly best picture here), Sorry to Bother You, Blindspotting, or even Mandy? No, I would not take it over those.


That’s fair. I’ce only seen sorry to bother you and annihilation. I dunno, the acedemy will always disappoint imo.

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Oscar season is one of my favorite times of the year. My dad and I always make a mad dash to see all the Best Picture nominees in the month between the nominations and the awards, so we can enjoy the awards together and actually talk about which movies we thought should have won. It’s a great time to enjoy with my Dad and a great excuse to see some usually pretty good movies.

I’ve only seen Green Book and Roma so far, both of which I liked a lot, but based off what I’ve heard about some of the other nominees, it feels like a particularly weak year. It’ll be good to finally see Black Panther and Blackkklansman, and I’m excited for Vice, but neither my dad or I are looking forward to A Star is Born or Bohemian Rhapsody, and I think this is the first time I’ve heard of The Favorite. Hopefully they surprise us though, one of the best things about this tradition is seeing movies we wouldn’t normally see.

Surprised to see If Beale Street Could Talk got snubbed, I thought it would get a nod based on Barry Jenkins’ pedigree. That’s one my dad and I wanted to see anyway though (haven’t read the book, but we both really enjoyed Moonlight), so I think we’ll try to find the time to see it along with the nominees.

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Seeing the nominees got me looking over what other movies came out last year and… apparently there was a sequel to Gnomeo and Juliet called Sherlock Gnome, starring Johnny Depp as the title character.

Because that’s how it is on this b**ch of an earth.

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Haven’t seen much of what came out last year, but I still know that Black Panther taking up one of those slots is a joke.


I have never heard of The Favorite before and strongly expect the generally-derided (at least on Twitter) Green Book to make a sufficiently strong showing to disappoint people there and here.

With that said, Cold War (2018) has been on my last for some time – I am excited to dig into it.


So this is my first year really digging into movies and trying to see as much as possible. I even catalogued rating and an ongoing rankings of everything I’ve seen that was released in 2018. I have a few movies that I missed or couldn’t make myself see including Hereditary, Suspiria, Green Book, Paddington 2, the documentaries, and most of the foreign language movies (mainly due to unavailability where I live).

Roma and The Favourite having the most nominations is pretty understandable as they are both phenomenal movies with very strong casts. The main three women of The Favourite (Olivia Colman, Emma Stone, and Rachel Weisz) make one of the best main ensembles of the year, and it’s unfortunate that they probably won’t win anything. Roma is an astonishing movie that’s shot so well, highlights the standout Yalitza Aparicio (so happy about that nomination), and deserves the praise it has received.

The Best Picture category has three nominees (Vice, Green Book, and Bohemian Rhapsody) that are BAD and take the place of a lot of other movies. I can understand people not wanting Black Panther to be nominated, but the art direction, music, performances by the supporting cast, and cultural relevance justify it’s spot. I hate that stuff like Leave No Trace, Sorry to Bother You, Blindspotting, etc. aren’t nominated, but I’m not surprised at all based on the academy’s history.

As for acting, this is one of the strongest years for actresses and weakest years for actor I have seen recently. There are SO many women that could have easily been nominated that weren’t. I hate that the cast of Widows was left out, but the buzz around that movie just died off too quickly even though I love it and would nominate Viola Davis and Elizabeth Debicki. Regina Hall in Support the Girls was an outstanding performance, but I didn’t expect here to get that nomination. Over on the men’s side, the Best Actor category is COMPLETE garbage outside of a decent performance by Bradley Cooper who I hope wins. The Supporting Actor is better but features Sam Rockwell in a glorified SNL performance while Michael B. Jordan, Steven Yeun, Nicholas Hoult, and others are left out.

I’m still kind of sad Annihilation didn’t get more love, but understand it. Although the directors are all men, four of them are non-American. Oh and Mary Poppins shouldn’t be getting any song or score nominations outside maybe the bathtub song which was kind of fun and really showcased Emily Blunt carrying that movie. Overall a fairly meh year with a lot of highs and lows. Sorry for the dissertation, but I’m just really excited to see how this all shakes out!


I think this year’s Oscar nominations are a large disappointment. Larger than usual. As a somewhat seasoned film buff, I both love and hate awards season, it usually means there is a glut of decent movies being released at the cinema, there is always rampant discussion and it can be a good time to share your own favourite less seen movies of the year. At the same time there are always so many far more deserving films that basically don’t get a look in next to the glitz and the glamour. Last year, I was astounded that Shape of the Water won and was literally over the moon when Guillermo Del Toro got Best Director. So it can surprise you.

Based on the nominations this year though…

The thing to understand about awards season is that it isn’t so much a case of a panel of experts locking themselves within a room for 72 hours to decide the best films of the year through fair and true democractic process. It’s not Giant Bomb does GOTY. It’s more like a political race, run by marketing, PR and spin doctors utilising A LOT of money to generate award buzz, all of which will usually benefit the films being represented, especially those released in awards season. I’m not sure how people on here feel about Philip DeFranco, but he recently did a video on this very topic and it’s fairly accurate and may even change your thinking on the Oscars.

I guess the other thing to note is that the Oscars want to stay relevant and have representation for movies people have actually seen. Which I get. Everyone saw Black Panther.

As far as best picture goes, I think the only movies worth celebrating here are Roma and The Favourite. The fact that we have both Rachel Weiz and Emma Stone nominated for Best Supporting Actor is the best thing about this year’s Oscars and I hope they both get to ham it up for memeworthy content.

Black Panther: As much as Black Panther is generally one of the better Marvel movies. As much as it does for representation by depicting a largely black cast within an African setting within a movie of this scale. As much as I love Ryan Coogler as a director. As much as I liked Killmonger. As much as it did all this and still made as much money as an avengers movie. As far as best picture goes, I just don’t think it hangs. There are parts of that movie towards the end action sequence, that are derivative and formulaic in the way these movies often are. But heck yeah! War Rhinos!

Bohemian Rhapsody felt like the wiki-notes of the history of Queen, told by Queen, to enhance the brand of Queen. Who are still together by the way and are still as good as ever, despite losing one of the greatest frontmen who ever existed. I cannot fathom why anyone would rate this as worthy of Best Picture. Everything it tries to do, A Star Is Born does better. I think it shows that Queen just didn’t know Freddie Mercury. Like at all.

I saw Vice last week and enjoyed it as I was watching it, it’s entertaining, funny and Christian Bale does a great Dick Cheney. At the same time, it does carry that Wolf of Wall Street vibe in that this is a story about how a bad person did very bad things. I don’t think the film told us anything new about Dick Cheney as a character. He was quiet, ruthless and largely set the precedent of how the Republicans operated throughout the last thirty years. Or at least used to, now Trump is… yeah… Adam McKay’s last movie The Big Short did go some way to explain the recession to movie goers, Vice doesn’t tell us anything we already know. This will likely be the second year in a row in which a British born actor wins an Oscar whilst wearing a fatsuit. Take me back to the days when Leonardo DiCaprio got one by screaming a lot in the snow.

A part of me wants to see Spike Lee win best director even though Blackkklansman was fine. A part of me does want to see Black Panther win best picture, just because it would be mad if Marvel movie did actually win.

All of me wants to see Olivia Coleman win Best Actress. She’s a legend

But if you ask me, here are a couple of massive oversights in my unfiltered film buff sports rage.

  • You Were Never Really Here - Lynne Ramsay is a fantastic director and does so much with so little in this modern day version of Taxi Driver. She should be on the best director list. Similarly Joaquin Phoenix was mesmerizing and should be there on best actor.

  • American Animals - I thought this would at least get something for screenplay or editing, but no. This is a travesty.

  • Widows - Perhaps Steve McQueen already got his dues with 12 Years A Slave. But maaan… nothing for Widows? Are you serious? Viola Davis obviously does her thing in this movie, but Elizabeth Debicki at least deserves best supporting actress.

  • First Reformed - No Ethan Hawke for best actor? What planet is everyone living on?

  • First Man - How can Bohemian Rhapsody generally be viewed as a better biopic than First Man? Damian Chazelle will be back.

  • Stan & Ollie - I was really charmed by this movie. Steve Coogan and John C. Reilly are perfect as Laurel and Hardy. In many ways I thought this would walk into the Oscars but I guess not…

  • Hereditary - Nothing for Toni Collette? I mean? What is that?

  • Leave No Trace - Ben Foster is always good, but Thomasin McKenzie who played his daughter was amazing in this movie. Not a look in for best picture but by all means Bohemian Rhapsody

  • Annihilation - I was more disappointed this didn’t get a cinematic release over here in the UK. I would have thought Alex Garland would get something for adapted screenplay. That was a hard book to adapt!

Also I hate that we’re still dividing subtitled films from best picture. Shoplifters and Cold War are better than most of the films in Best Picture. This applies to animated films too, Into the Spider Verse was better than Black Panther.

Eugh… But it’s just the Oscars right? Nobody cares…


The idea of Boots Riley winning an Oscar is, honestly, kind of funny to me and even if I do think Sorry to Bother You is incredible it was never going to get nominated for Best Picture but like… not even best original song? C’mon!

Also all the Bohemian Rhapsody noms feels so much like a bunch of boomers being like “I was just happy to see Queen on the big screen” because yeesh.

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You can literally watch Queen’s actual Live Aid performance in it’s entirity on YouTube and it’s 100x times better than watching Bohemian Rhapsody.

Sorry To Bother You was nuts. I was going along with it and then I saw horse penis and I suddenly entered another realm. Too good for the Oscars.


Yeah like I’m most disappointed in it not making the music categories. The whole Sorry To Bother You OST is just outstanding.

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Tangentially related, but the Independent Spirit Awards have a really good slate of nominees this year that pick up a lot of the missed movies including Madeline’s Madeline, Leave No Trace, and even Sorry to Bother You!

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All that stuff in the last third of Sorry To Bother You gets even more wild to me when Boots mentioned it was all done using practical effects, like puppets, stop motion, and suits, and that he worked with some of the effects artists who did work on Aliens.:

(He says “Alien” in this tweet but corrects himself later in the thread)

Fuck it man, Sorry to Bother You for all the FX awards too! We live in a world where practical or lightly CGI enhanced action movies are a thing, what with John Wick and Mad Max and such, but it was really awesome to see practical effects used to great effect in something that isnt just all action.

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Mandy was the only new movie I saw last year so I don’t have too much to add here, but it’s such a bummer to see it not even be eligible for nominations because of how it released. I don’t really expect them to, but it’d be nice if they reconsider those rules for the future.


Oscars will and will always be disappointing:

A reminder that Oscar voters don’t have to see every film to vote on a category. That’s fine for a critic, but when you’re measuring the ‘best’ of the best around your peers, I feel like seeing every film should be required.

I guarantee the lukewarm Incredibles 2 will win of Spider-Verse this year… The animation category is NEVER right and never will be. They just pick the Disney movie they took their kid too.

Though, I will say, if you have a local theater near you, make the time to go see the short films/short animted films for each Oscars’ season! It’s totally worth it.


The takes here are honestly staggering to me. My favorite three films of the year were Mandy, Annihilation, and Sorry to Bother You, and in NO WORLD was the Academy that nominated Hacksaw Ridge three years ago going to nominate those movies! It’s okay for outsider art to be outsider! Of course I refuse to see Bohemian Rhapsody, so I’m not gonna try to defend what actually Got Nominated instead of First Reformed, Into the Spider-Verse, Burning, or Shirkers, but, hey, let’s be realistic.

My fourth favorite film of the year is Black Panther. Coogler has been firing on all cylinders for three outstanding features in a row. Panther is the sort of genre film that actually rewards its all-ages fanbase. The number of essays we’re going to see from high schoolers about Eric vs. T’Challah - this could end up being a generation’s Star Wars (and not just its Harry Potter.) I’m thrilled for its nomination - a staggering achievement. I wish it were nominated more across the board - Michael B. Jordan would have slotted beautifully instead of Sam Rockwell, for example.

Yes - the Green Book and Rhapsody nominations are, for the most part, reprehensible. Movies like If Beale Street Could Talk, Crazy Rich Asians, and A Quiet Place were in the conversation earlier in the year and none made much a dent. I’m celebrating things like the Yorgos Best Director nomination and Yalitzia Aparicio in Best Actress while not being at all surprised that the Academy are the Academy.

(On my actual to-watch list from these movies rather than my sense of completionism: The Favourite, Roma, If Beale Street Could Talk, Mary Queen of Scots, Mirai, Ralph, Shoplifters, Minding the Gap, Hale County.)

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Riley actually addressed the lack of StBY nominations yesterday. It ultimately came down to the fact that they didn’t campaign at all for award consideration (i.e. no “For your consideration” ads or screeners sent to Academy members), which translates to a next-to-zero percent chance of gaining any traction in the nomination race. He seems rather content with it, but yeah, it still sucks to not see the movie get a nomination for anything.

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