The 91st Academy Awards (2019) Discussion Thread — 0% Approval Rating For Nominees


Well The Atlantic finally published the Singer expose piece so many other outlets have kicked around. BoRhap already didn’t deserve that nom and I would love to see it pulled.

For the record, I think Green Book getting the nomination is way more egregious than Black Panther being listed. GB has no business being there.


Every year I struggle more and more as to why I ever watch the Oscars and this year it’s especially clear to me that none of this matters. I only watch cause my mom and grandma make it a thing to get together for it.

If Green Book wins Best Picture, I’m never watching ever again.


You know at first I thought these nominations were worse than ever, being someone who gave up on The Oscars after Crash won best picture in 2007, but the only one that doesn’t make immediate Oscar Sense to me is Black Panther. Vice, Bohemian Rhapsody, and Green Book are the requisite “biopic with strong leads” nominees; BlacKkKlansman is the “nominee for heretofore snubbed director who made a good movie this year and this is our opportunity to recognize them”; Roma and A Star Is Born are the “actually good” movies; with The Favourite getting in on “actually good” and “period piece” qualifiers. The widely-agreed-upon outlier here is Black Panther, which, it turns out, makes modern Oscar Sense in the most naked, transparent way.

Last year, the Academy announced a new category for Outstanding Achievement in Popular Film, which it readily acknowledged was a response to dwindling viewership. It has since cancelled this category. That said, Black Panther was one of the most successful films of all-time, is actually pretty good, and is made by and about black people - a demographic the Oscars have only recently started giving earnest attention to. Nominating Black Panther instead of any other “Oscar-worthy” movie feels like a clear nod to those who have criticized the Academy for having a favorite “”“kind of person”"’, with a film that it knows millions of people are already invested in learning the fate of.

There were other movies about black culture or made by black people which were inarguably stronger Oscar contenders (Blindspotting would have been SUCH AN EASY AND GOOD CHOICE THE DUDE WAS IN HAMILTON EVEN!!!), but people didn’t SEE those movies like they saw Black Panther. And this is to say nothing of the “kiss the ring” game that moviemakers are supposed to play during awards season, and whether or not certain filmmakers even bothered with it.

With Black Panther, I believe the Academy is trying to draw in people who aren’t like them to watch their telecast, since the people who are like them are literally dying from old age and they’ve given no reason yet to make the new generations care about them. It just feels so hollow and weak and dishonest specifically because literally every other film fits every stale prerequisite they have had for the last fifty years.


Still thinking about Toni Collette and Hereditary and the saddest thing about her getting snubbed is that her performance is 100% the kinda shit that’s supposed to get you nominated. I don’t mean this as a put down, but “intense, shouty, lots of big displays of emotion” is exactly the kind of classic hollywood that the academy is supposed to love.


Outside of the usual handwringing and complaining about the Academy you usually see around this time of year, I can’t help but be alienated by the picks people are forming a consensus around. The Favourite continues a long line of whitewashing a royal family who imposed murder, slavery, and all other forms of misery upon the world, and we’re still feeling the effects of their deeds today. A Star is Born is just a weird, gross movie about a weird leathery country singer who not only creepily comes onto a young ingénue, but also apparently lives in a contemporary world where young persons of color can recognize him out of the blue, rap apparently doesn’t exist, and nobody can bring themselves to acknowledge that pop music has inherent artistic value. It’s all such whitebread baby boomer pablum, and somehow Black Panther getting a nod is the issue? I’ll take my fun, black-positive superhero movie over that other crap any day.


Grumpy post ->

I have not seen “A Star is Born”, and I’m not sure anything could make me want to. I am looking at all of its nominations with a sense of complete cultural disconnect.

Also I know why we still gender Best Actor nominations (actor, according to people I know who act is the correct title for all people who act), but I really wish we weren’t still at a point where we have to.


And ANOTHER thing, the best makeup category is really dire this year, huh? We’ve got “Christian Bale got fat”, “Margot Robbie in pancake makeup” and I’ve heard good things about Border but I feel like the way it does a bait and switch with its characters appearance, if you don’t know, they don’t have a chromosome deficiency or anything like that, they’re literal trolls is kinda gross, maybe?


as a person who was equally skeptical of A Star is Born - it is exactly the movie I thought it was going to be. there is fear behind the eyes of its award-minded cast, real horrifying and immediate abuse, too much focus on the cooper character, and music that is solid - but probably not even better than gaga’s own Joanne album. it has lush cinematography and pretty strong dialogue. sam elliot’s quite good in it.

luckily, the film’s four iterations are notoriously cursed - across the past three iterations that have been nominated for several awards each, it has only won the best screenplay award in the original version and best original song for the streisand. dropping cooper from director as most predicted (yorgos and pawel!) indicates that momentum is grinding towards halt once again as actors like christian bale and glenn close suck the air out of its room.


Now this, this is a true violence. They finally nominate what would be the night-defining Coen Brothers song and they’re cutting it from the show. Tim Blake Nelson would have flown around in angel wings while singing a lovely cowboy duet! A worse decision has not been made since not nominating No Dames from Hail, Caesar!


There are problems with Buster Scrugs, but this, and Tom Waits not getting a Best Actor nod, is inexcusable


me every year: the oscars are always wrong. the whole system is rigged. the academy voters are bad.
also me every year: i can’t believe they fucked it up again!

i always act like i’m not gonna care , because they truly don’t matter and are not a measure of quality. but the discourse every year keeps bringing me back regardless.


Yeah it’s the whole “Cynical enough to realize that awards show get it wrong every time, but still naive enough to think they still have merit somewhere hypothetically” I suffer from it a lot too




Man fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck that. If they want to cut down on time, they could cut the stupid montages that do nothing. I want my Tim Blake Nelson and now don’t even want to watch the show.


The clear thing awards like the Oscars do is determine where industry money is going to go. If Hacksaw Ridge had won the awards it was up for, Gibson’s films wouldn’t be in their current spiral of inability to secure funding and inability to have a structured release plan. Instead, because they have been so awarded, filmmakers like Barry Jenkins and Damien Chazelle are being given the weight of “event” releases. Some good gets done out of these dumb awards if these awards are done right.

It’s a chance to take the temperature of the film industry, who’s willing to be honest, who they want to honor, who they want to shield. Some of us still haven’t forgotten Bale’s historical rage on set - the Academy might have. As a Blank Check and This Had Oscar Buzz listener, I’m a connoisseur of context - or, maybe, a glutton for context.

From my perspective, for three years running most of the award selections are disappointing and the Best Picture winner is a fantastic film. This year might break that trend, but I suspect Roma will sweep and I suspect I’ll find that a darn good film.


I’m glad I’m not the only one beating the Blindspotting drum. It’s powerful in a way that Black Panther and BlackKklansman are not.

Into the Spider-Verse is the only one of the list that deserves to win. It deserves Best Picture tbh fite me

The Favourite is a searing indictment of royalty as an institution.

BlackKklansman is worse than “just ok”. It’s not merely a harmful “feelgood race narrative for white people”, it’s also fucking boring. I bet the same can be said for Green Book, but I refuse to see it.

These are my Oscars Takes.


I fucking love anything Yorgos Lanthimos has made over the past 6 years and I didn’t even realize he put out a new movie this year.

God dammit, this happens every single february for me; The Oscars roll up and I realize that I’ve only watched, like, 6 new movies all year and 3 of them were Marvel flicks.

I’m gonna have to get around to watching The Favourite, I’d also like to watch Blackkklansman, Into The Spiderverse, Vice and Roma, but god dammit, who has time to watch movies!?

Edit: Just realized that I also watched Polar on Netflix and lordy that movie is traaaaaaaaaaaaaaash.

Edit edit: Upon further review Polar was released in 2019, but even so it cannot be understated just how traaaaaaaaaaaaaash that movie is.


Ive been more indifferent to the oscars this year than any recent year i can remember, but, having seen Roma last night, i would be hard pressed to say that that doesnt deserve to win.
(I have NOT seen The Favourite, however, which ive heard is fantastic and would probably be the biggest competitor to Roma, in my eyes.)


Having Queen songs that do, in fact, sound like Queen songs is apparently an award worthy feat now? Weird.

EDIT: Ah, I see, academy voters just don’t watch movies


Okay so it’s a scene that’s just a conversation at a table but I want you to edit it like a Hollywood action fight scene where nobody knows how to fight.