The 91st Academy Awards (2019) Discussion Thread — 0% Approval Rating For Nominees

Spider-Verse won and all is right with the world.


But Green Book won best original screenplay, so, is it?

EDIT: What the fucking fuck is up with these Bohemian Rhapsody wins, man?! This is literally insane!

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Olivia Colman won. Cue the Hot Fuzz gifs!



I remember watching Peep Show with my dad and loving her, this is so good, and just, and pure!

This is a Big oof


Yeah, racism? It’s bad actually. drops mic

Your Best Picture of 2018, everyone:


Lindsay Ellis going nuclear

And it’s nice to see Fangoria come through for me

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What a shitshow, and possibly the tamest Best Picture winner in a looooooong time. Welp, At least Olivia Coleman got her props, she’s a fucking awesome actor and the Favourite should’ve gotten more love than it did.



I wasn’t especially invested in the awards (it ran too late for me to catch live) but I’m glad Spider-Verse is getting some well deserved recognition, amidst what seem to be a handful of disappointing results.

Olivia Coleman’s win did lead to some interesting discussion & fair frustration from folks I follow. Even if you enjoyed the film/performance I would encourage you to check out this piece that gets at the issues of representation for disabled folks, and who are denied roles when non-disabled actors play disabled characters:


I feel the nominations this year didn’t even touch the actual best films of the year at all.

Most happy for Olivia Coleman winning best Actress, been watching her on British TV for years. She’s always been brilliant in whatever she’s been in. Kind of mad to see her accept her award, felt she would at least get a BAFTA but didn’t expect an Oscar.

Maybe we’ll get SuperHans next.

Ecstatic that Enter the Spider-Verse got best animated, I haven’t stopped thinking about it ever since watching it. Think it’s out on itunes this week…

I can live with Alfonso winning best director a year after Guillermo but I do think Spike Lee got royally snubbed. Especially with Green Book winning best picture. I enjoyed Green Book for what it was: a harmless sunday afternoon movie posing as Driving Miss Daisy 2 but maaan I can’t believe it won best picture. Mahershala Ali is a great actor and probably the best thing about Green Book, so happy he got best supporting, even though Richard E. Grant felt more deserving in my opinion. Maybe that’s because he did a rendition of Withnail in Can You Ever Forgive Me? but hey.

I obviously cannot understate how much I hated Bohemian Rhapsody. Somebody lobbied hard for Bohemian Rhapsody to get what it did, I’m guessing Queen turned up to do private performances for members of the academy. Makes me a little sick. The way it is less about Freddie Mercury and more about Queen. The way in which it’s orginal director has been accused of sexual abuse by many different people.

@trty0 Having Queen songs that do, in fact, sound like Queen songs is apparently an award worthy feat now? Weird.

I’m convinced that they made Bohemian Rhapsody just to boost sales and brand awarenss for Queen and the music of Queen.

But hey, that’s what the Oscars is all about.

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“You’re off the fucking chain!”

(Can we just start a thread about how great Hot Fuzz is? I think it may actually be one of my favourite movies - I mean I always say Jaws or Network to make myself look profound and interesting but really it is Hot Fuzz any day of the week. Any Year. Every Year).


I haven’t seen that movie Olivia Colman won for but she’s great in general so I’m glad she got an Oscar.

But Bohemian Rhapsody winning Best Editing? Like…how did that even happen? How much did they pay for that award? How does that happpeeennn

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Going to link a couple articles that I read last night as I, and seemingly everyone else, was trying to figure out why Green Book won anything at all.

First, Wesley Morris at the New York Times tries to unpack why movies like Green Book keep getting awarded while movies like Do The Right Thing get snubbed and why that’s harmful:

Second, Hunter Harris at Vulture reports that Mahershala Ali called surviving members of Don Shirley’s family to apologize which is, lets say, indicative of some things:


I will move my furniture over and live in that thread. (Has that been proposed in the Be Kind & Rewatch thread??)

Hot Fuzz is brilliant and maybe probably my favorite Simon Pegg movie. Olivia Coleman getting the nod makes me so happy, especially because this is the first time I’m seeing her in a role that isn’t inherently comedic, though she’s always crushing in those roles.

It cannot be understated how fucking brilliant her performance is in The Lobster, the singing scene in that movie almost killed me.

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The only thing I could think is that, much like Best Picture nominees from like the '50s, what Bohemian Rhapsody actually won was Most Editing.


I think it can basically be expected from now on that best editing at the academy is just a misnomer for most editing.

And even so, the worthy winner for most editing this year should’ve gone to Mandy for actually looking the way a tripped out 70’s prog rock album sounded.

I think it is a mix of the MOST EDITING gag and people in the Academy giving bonus points for editing without a director and editing with Queens input. This is me stealing talking points from Little Gold Men and Indie Wire. I don’t think either of those things should matter that much when giving out an award but I see how we get there. And people seem to really like how that Live Aid scene comes together.

Any thread about Hot Fuzz is going to devolve into an endless quote reel. But it’s been a while and I’m ready.