The 91st Academy Awards (2019) Discussion Thread — 0% Approval Rating For Nominees


“I liked Green Book, what’s the big deal?” - Every Over 50 White Relative

What sucks is that next year Oscar voters will probably snub a more deserving African American film because “we just have them Green Room.” Never mind them ignoring about half a dozen better movies made by actual black creators this year (Beale Street wasn’t nominated, wtf?)


What’s ya’lls top 8 firms of 2018 including winner?

The Death of Stalin
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
The Night Eats the World

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I didn’t see that many new movies in 2018, but Mandy is my favorite film of the decade so far


It makes me so happy that a movie like Mandy exists and that it is actually good. That movie in any other world could be such damn disaster and somehow it is just unbridled brilliance and probably my favorite Nic Cage performance ever.

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I’m still mad that Mandy was ineligible because of arcane rules about how a movie releases. It’s such an amazing movie.


i weirdly myself in the position of defending the oscars more often than not - shape of water very nearly made my top 10 last year, and both moonlight and spotlight are among my very favorite films period. but the winner this year? no.

my top 10

  1. Lu Over The Wall
  2. Mandy
  3. Annihilation
  4. Minding the Gap (full disclosure: i met bing at a party about five years ago - we’re facebook friends.)
  5. Black Panther
  6. Sorry to Bother You
  7. First Reformed
  8. Spider-Man Into The Spiderverse
  9. Support the Girls
  10. Game Night

My 8:

(8) Revenge
(7) Won’t You Be My Neighbor?
(6) Hereditary
(5) T H E Favourite
(4) Blindspotting
(3) Mandy
(2) Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
(1) Annihilation

And the more I think about it, the more I think Beale Street should be here. But I can’t decide what to cut…

  1. Into the Spider-Verse
  2. Mandy
  3. The Favourite
  4. Annihilation
  5. Black Panther

I got out of Spider-Verse and immediately scheduled another trip to see it again. Mandy gets the number two spot because it’s extremely my shit.


Turns out, the live action shorts were, uh, a whooooooooooole lot.


3 out of 5 of those my response is: “Why?”, one seems alright, one seems like it may actually be good. Either way that sounds like a hellish set of movies to watch one after another.



That reminds me of a while back, where I went on a first date and we saw that year’s Oscar nominated short documentaries. The topics included:

  • A senior living home where the residents re-marry late in life because their former partners died (including people who were in the movie)

  • A hair salon run by and for women with cancer and are undergoing chemotherapy.

  • A high school-age girl in California who wants to be an artist, but she and her family are all undocumented immigrants from Mexico

  • An examination of the people who can only make a living by collecting cans and bottles off of NYC’s streets

  • Rwandan children who must leave their families and move across the country so they can get open heart surgery

Needless to say, after those two-and-a-half hours were finally done, we both ran to the closest bar.


God at least from the sound of things none of those involved gruesome child death.


Its not ordered, but today I think my best picture list would be:

Sorry to Bother You
Spider-man Into the Spiderverse
Leave No Trace
The Rider
First Man
You Were Never Really Here

There’s a bunch of movies that people seem to like that I haven’t seen yet including First Reformed, Hereditary, If Beale Street Could Talk, Eight Grade and The Favorite, so it may change in a month or so when I finally get around to catching up.

Ignoring the actual recipients of the awards, I thought it was one of the better oscars in a long time. I never missed a host, the unfunny skits and boring montages. Even the presenter banter seemed a bit better than usual. Too bad they had to give a bunch of awards to Green Book and Bohemian Rhapsody.


The third one, if I remember correctly, used archival footage of a border crossing, so that’s at least implied. And that last one did bestow viewers the privilege of seeing a 9-year-old undergo open heart surgery, which is close enough in my mind.


Favourite movie is between Mandy and Blindspotting for me. My best movie experience of the year was watching Mandy for the first time in a state of moderate cannabis related inebriation (In other words I was high off my light weight ass ) and it shook me to my very core, and I couldn’t follow the plot for shit. Upon second watching it was easier to appreciate it as a movie but that first watch is one of the wildest movie experiences I’ve ever had.

Blindspotting… I just, I hate that that god damn movie wasn’t nominated for an Oscar, especially with how the best picture category ended up. That movie deserves to get way more props than it got, it’s a brilliant, brilliant movie that manages to be deeply touching and hilarious without making that juxtaposition seem jarring. Diggs is fantastic and his pathos in the final scene would be show stealing in 99 out of a 100 movies and is only diminished by how revelatory Casal’s performance is. It feels like the kind of movie that will be considered a career maker a couple of years from now.


Ok with those details added that’s a fuckin lot. Heart surgery is sooooo much.


Oof, that reminds me of the 2006 doc about the U.S. abortion debate, Lake of Fire, with actual footage of the early term procedure. I’d never even seen any glimpse of the operation before and it was almost too much for me at the time


I don’t think I saw enough of the good movies last year to really make a good top X list so I’ll just say I liked BlacKkKlansman, Sorry To Bother You and I dunno…Dragonball Super Broly?

I’m probably more suited for a worst of list instead because I mostly see trash movies because I hate myself so I’ll hijack this thread a little to do that instead.

Robin Hood - “We want to make a Batman movie but don’t want to pay for the license and Robin Hood is public domain.” This movie literally has a mentor character who the hero is trained by then turns against because of his immoral methods (a Ra’s Al Ghul-like), a would be ally who is dating the hero’s ex and is a beloved political figure fighting corruption who gets half his face burned off and turns evil (so a Two Face/Harvey Dent-like) and a ton of other things ripped from Batman. It has very little to do with Robin Hood and also they use bows like assault rifles for some reason. It’s actually kinda fun at times and it’s worth watching just to see just how directly it rips off Batman.

Mortal Engines - I wrote a big rant about everything I hate about this movie in the reading thread, go find it there if you are interested. Suffice to say this movie sucks but had enough endearing qualities to make me read the book it’s based on to see if it was better and it made me hate the movie more.

Pacific Rim Uprising - “Lets make a sequel to Pacific Rim” “Did any of you work on or hell, did you even watch the first one?” “Nope.”


i kinda like pacific rim uprising. it’s the openly stupid companion to the original!


Tired: In the aftermath of Olivia Colman’s win, remembering her performance in Hot Fuzz.

Wired: Remembering the scene in the first episode of the third series of Broadchurch where David Tennant is very serious and grumpy while Olivia Colman is very happy to have found an energy bar in her bag because she had to skip breakfast to do grumpy detective work with David Tennant.