The Academy Awards 2018 Discussion Thread


Hey! As we move into the end of the year and discuss the best games of 2018, I figured it would be suitable to have a thread to house conversation about the Academy Awards, the Oscars, etc. While I’m certain there will be individual films that might merit their own threads (VICE and ROMA stand out as two example films that offer the sort of political discussion and cultural literacy conversations) this thread might serve as a better opportunity to talk about “The Oscars Race,” what that means, to vent frustration about the “conversations” moreso than the films. What do you think will “win?” What should? And what isn’t being talked about enough?

This was also partly inspired by wanting a place to talk about the Oscars hosting situation as well, with Kevin Hart (i believe rightfully) being shamed into stepping down for his homophobic comedy and tweets. Do you have a dark horse pick for who should host? And why is it more fun than my idea that Gabe Gundacker of Zendaya Is Meechee and “Guy Who Likes Music” would be a good fit? With the Oscars considering having no host at all, and with the change they announced to take more of the awards off-air in a manner similar to The Game Awards, we have an excuse to keep talking about what we’d like to see in a show that long.

Below I’ll try to include links to relevant articles and nomination lists - for starters, that’s just the Golden Globe nominations. I’ll update this post to include more of them as people post them, both on our thread and into the world.

The 76th Golden Globes Full Nomination List - show taking place January 6 2019


If Annihilation is not at least nominated in the vfx, sound, and best original score categories, I will be LIVID


Terry Crews should host all the things from the Game Awards to the Oscars.

Terry Crews!

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