The Amazing Way 'Final Fantasy VII Remake' Solved Its Villain Problem

This article contains extensive spoilers for the ending of ‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’ and how it differs from the original.

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That’s never really who I saw as the primary antagonist. More of an intersection of two more important villains.

But if we’re talking the most iconic, sure. I don’t think there really was much a problem had they used the original plot arc, but I wasn’t really opposed to the new direction either.

Can’t wait for FF7R part 4 on the PS6
The Whispers of Fate: Thank you for believing, Cloud, we will now revive Aerith for you for $29.99.

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Presenting “mean nerds online” as a cosmic being and an arbiter of fate that must be struck down before the world can truly move forward feels pretty in-character for Nomura, but that interpretation does, unfortunately, somewhat cheapen an ending I really liked.