The 'Animal Crossing' Easter Event Is My Mortal Enemy

Right now in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, it's almost Bunny Day, the game's version of Easter. For the occasion, the game has been festooned with eggs that you can dig up, fish out of the water, or find in trees or floating from balloons. It's also turned paradise into hell.

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I feel this in my soul.

Also I think 12 days(?) is just way too long for such an event. Like, in ACNL you had some seasonal stuff but as far as I can recall most events were One Day. That’s a bit too short of a time maybe, but TWELVE DAYS is an overcorrection, I think. A week is maybe even too much. Maybe just like… three or four days?

Anyway, I hope Gita starts feeling better soon. 8C


The player should have to talk to Zipper for eggs to start spawning on their island. That way it could be ignored by players who don’t like it.

Also I completely agree with Gita, all the egg designs are bad.

You know what I do with any eggs I collect? I put them in the garbage outside the residence center where they belong.

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I was in the middle of building the three houses for the new villagers. And suddenly these things started eating into my ability to gather resources.

Ugh, yes. I am so glad this is over tomorrow. I only started playing it last Thursday, so all I have known is this egg hell. And let me tell you, doing the early game, getting enough resources for the shop and the 3 new houses is incredibly hard when up to 50% of your crafting materials have been replaced with eggs D: the iron nuggets especially, I don’t want any more stone eggs.

I felt like the event was getting more hate than it deserved, until I spent yesterday grinding out the last Bunny Day craftables to get the secret reward at the end, which was… a kinda lame wand recipe. Not even the actual wand, just the recipe. I really hope they improve on the next event.

The thing I like about most AC holidays/events is that it’s usually a unique character you finish interacting with in 20 minutes or just something to flavor the day’s activities (fishing tournaments).

Trying to Destiny/WoW-ify the events in this game via making it a big timesink is a very bad idea.

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Playing this morning was glorious when I knew that I would only be digging up fossils and only catching actual fish and not more damn eggs.


Yeah, the final reward was garbage considering how much time I spent worried about getting everything together to get it.

A checklist of the recipes would have helped, too - I had no idea what I was missing. Trading eggs was a chore, too, considering how many extra sky/water eggs I needed. For a company like Nintendo who is usually really good with polish, there were just so many rough edges.

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There are tons of little issues like this for me, for sure, even beyond the Easter event. When I want to exchange miles for bells, I have to sit there bored out of my skull for ten minutes printing out the vouchers. My crafting station can’t see my storage (seriously?). Everything feels designed to slow you down and force you to take as much time as possible on the most mundane of tasks, which is maybe an attempt to do something interesting thematically (?) but also becomes frustrating really quickly.

That always seems like the main balancing act they’re performing with these games. What restrictions of the game fit well into that meditative, slow-game design, and what are just needless frustrating hang-ups? I want them to round off the rough edges, but I know that if they made they experience too frictionless, too efficient, I’d be bored in a week. If I had the whole furniture catalog unlocked from the start, I could make a better room than I’ve got now, but I probably wouldn’t. But the drip feed of items has me redecorating every day. I really hope they can get closer to that sweet-spot with the next event. At least the game is online and patchable now- maybe they can learn and tune it up.

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I barely had any recipes done coming into egg day and was able to pull the rest together in only a few hours. Made me wish they had juiced the egg spawn rates for just this one day and made it a one-day thing. It absolutely could have worked. And playing it as if it was a one-day event actually made it pretty exciting to me.

Russ Frushtick at Polygon tallied it up and on the fishing tourney day, it takes 29 A presses to start the tourney every time.

This game has a frankly obnoxious problem with basic UI stuff like this.