'The Art & Making of Control' Is a Gaming Coffee Table Book You Actually Want

Among people who like Control, I feel like there aren't many whose relationship with the game lands somewhere between "it's fine, I like it" and "this is one of the most charming and perfect games I've ever played; the Oldest House is my home now." People either run a bit lukewarm on it, or they're prepared to die for their faith in Remedy's satirical supernatural horror shooter.

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I was kind of hoping it would be trash so I could resist the urge to buy it. Oh, well.

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This looks very cool and I love Control but I will never buy a coffee table book.

…well hell, I bought it

A notable absence is Anna Megill, Control’s lead writer who departed the project prior to its expansions, and a resultant centering of longtime Remedy creative director Sam Lake as the creative wellspring of the game’s story and ideas.


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Ugh, same. Damn it. I didn’t even know about this but the books has a lot of really rave reviews and Control do be that good.

I appear to have been granted a temporary reprieve by living in Europe.