The Awesome Games Done Quick 2018 Schedule Looks Awesome, Quick


One of the highlights of my January—an otherwise bleak, cold, blight upon the yearly calendar—is Awesome Games Done Quick. A speedrunning marathon with all proceeds going to charity, it and its sister event, Summer Games Done Quick, are always fun (especially if you have chat filters).

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My favorite part is that Star Fox 2 is already down to just a few minutes.


My friend got approved as one of the hosts for the marathon, so this year will be interesting.


Definitely going to watch the Yooka Laylee run. Didn’t like the way that game played enough to finish it, but I can see it being a fun run.


Always enjoy the GDQ events but worry about a lot of the transphobic abuse that gets directed at trans women speedrunners and hosts.


Really wish the mods would lay down the banhammer on people who try to post that garbage (and subsequently ban the jackoffs who then post NAZI MODS). Even when they set chat to emote-only mode whenever a trans woman was speedrunning something, people deliberately went out of their way to find a transphobic emote to spam in chat.

At that point you should completely lose your chat privileges. They’ve gotta set an example in those situations.


Twitch is fucking it up, just the other day I saw an official emote depicting the act of choking a person with their hands. They don’t offer any tools to moderate that can be useful for mods against walls of messages going at max speed, if it was left to them you’d still have to type in the username of the offender to ban them. The only thing they offered is an auto-moderation service that barely works.


What Warcraft 3. Very excited. #workwork


To be fair SF2 has been inofficially availble for a while now and I think that’s a very very similar version to the SNES Classic version.

Super excited for any GDQ but they’re always best to watch with the chat turned off because Twitch chat is frankly terrible.


But i like January.


I’m just glad that the Super Metroid Race is absent this year. The last times it’s been on were soulless and awful (like that guy telling people who were excited over the game to kill themselves). The Megaman X race was always far more entertaining with a lot of close races and excellent and hyped up commentary.

Not to mention the Kill or Save the animals jokes were getting real stale.