The Battle Angel Alita film looks absolutely terrifying


This is the film adaptation of Battle Angel Alita, the 1990 cyberpunk manga. Produced by James Cameron, who has been wanting to make this film for about 20 years. Avatar was intended to be the proof of concept for this film, a movie where a CGI main character interacts with live action humans.

And it looks so, so horrifying.

They gave her anime eyes, and like, I get it. But jesus christ.


Christoph Waltz is really cornering this market


This looks really bad?


2018 is shaping up to be a great year of bonkers stuff that everyone hates but me.


It is, somehow, worse than I even imagined.

Well, uh, I guess Cameron did say all those years ago that he wanted her to be a kind of Gollum situation, and lo. Anyway, I guess it’ll be interesting to see how they’ll sell this to people who’ve never heard of the manga.


Where’s Ido’s Salem tattoo? Why the big eyes? Why does Makaku look so bad?
I really really really want to love this film as I have loved Gunnm/Alita since first reading it in the 90’s, but that trailer is nowhere near what I was hoping for…


My favorite manga ever, I was super hyped for this movie since like 1994 or whenever James Cameron first started talking about doing it. But I lost basically all interest in this as soon as Robert Rodriguez was announced to direct.


I haven’t read the manga, but are the eyes a significant part of the story?

I’m just not sure why they’re so emphasized for the movie. It really throws me off when every other character has average sized eyes.


People were like “OH I WISH ANIME WAS REAL”.

Look at what you’ve done, you fools. Anime IS real and it looks like a lovecraftian horror show for the mind cannot handle it.


What were they thinking???

She fell off the uncanny valley tree and hit every branch


She looks like bad Elisabeth from Bioshock Infinite fan art


So… did they read the manga and see the big eyes and instead of thinking “I’m reading a manga” they thought “Weird big eyes, got it” ???


Nope not at all, she looks like all the other characters in the story; what stops her from passing as a non-android are all the killer robot limbs, not having big ole saucer eyes. Bold choice! Weird choice! Bad choice!

Stick with Spy Kids, Rodriguez!


Honestly I think it looks okay (especially since most of the film itself looks redeemable at worst), and it’s a trailer so they’ll probably tweak a lot of the VFX to tone it down between now and release anyway

I’m mostly just glad that the movie itself exists since James Cameron blew it off a few years to chase Avatar$


This looks horrifying. Why do we need American directors to bring classic Japanese art stuff over again? At all? This looks like a fucked up teen rom-com.


I can’t say I ever liked the manga much, and a Western adaptation is not doing it any favors.


I mean, that would make it pretty accurate to some of the source material. :wink: