The Battle Bus Stop - Fortnite Megathread

Right now there’s a countdown timer that started earlier this week counting down to Sunday, October 12, 2019 at 1pm CT.

There’s already been rumors, but Apple recently leaked some promotional material showing what’s coming up in the future.

More spoilers if you want to go in blind

Rumor is that the game will be getting a brand new map. Since Battle Royale launched, Epic has used the same map and built onto it as time went on. From new POIs to biomes, it’s always been the same map, so seeing what a new Fortnite map made from scratch today is going to be interesting. Worth mentioning that the original map was made with exisiting assets from the Coop campaign. So we’ll see what this new map will look like, if there’s a new one.

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So there was an in game event where a rocket crashed into a meteor which ten crashed into a rift in the fabric in space time and so now the entire game world has been swallowed by a black hole. The fortnite twitter deleted all of their tweets. Pretty neat stuff. probably will lead to a new map like stated above


Renamed the thread since the event is over and we have Fortnite Chapter 2 now!

Lot of folks have been playing this game over on the Discord, so might as well make a thread for folks on the forums to talk about. If anyone wants to play my Epic ID is video_gh0st.

I finally won a solo game this past week, against some semi-competent players in a chaotic build fight. The addition of skill-based matchmaking probably helped, but I still feel good about it.

On the other hand, while I think obsession with progression stuff in games is a negative habit that we need to collectively free ourselves from, the news about how busted the current system is are a little disconcerting since I bought a battle pass the other day.

They did a bonus XP weekend, where your XP is supercharged and some folks are speculating that it’s weekly. Although I think them looking at XP because right now it looks like Team Rumble (Fortnite’s TDM mode) gives out more XP than standard BR. Which is wild because standard BR always gave out more XP than Team Rumble in the past.

Reposting from the Discord (shoutouts to Triales for sharing)

There’s a mythic goldfish that can kill someone in one hit and yes, this is what I signed up for.

They fixed the xp system in the last patch and I’m blazing through the bp now.

Also The Final Reckoning Pack is available and it contains three really cool skins for $18 USD. In Fortnite terms, that’s not a bad deal.

So chapter 2 looks kinda neat but I still can’t get into it due to the game being such a freaking audiovisual OVERLOAD.

like seriously i’m not the only one who finds it hard to deal with the constant lights, alerts, flashing colors, breaking debris and things flying all around me right?

Halloween event started and they’re adding more than they did last year. New limited time mode where you and 11 other players team up to fight the Storm King from the coop campaign. Also a new 2v2 mode and some creative maps, including a 4 player zombie survival game. Lots of free rewards as well, including a victory umbrella.

Me and some of the folks from the Waypoint Discord were able to take the Storm King down in 20 minutes.