‘The Beatles: Rock Band’ Was a Revolution for Gaming Fantasies


Seeing the very real history of the world’s biggest pop band was a greater trip than journeying through any magical realm.

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Kudos to the headline (and Twitter link) pun master to cap off this painterly article. Rock Band was a series that generally past me by, but it definitely sounds like this one might just be worth revisiting.


B:RB is great if you’re a fan of the Beatles or want to gain a greater appreciation of their music. It also has a lot of rare memorabilia included in the game (like their Christmas record that was only given out to their fan club early in their career). But I disagree that the game is immersive. It feels more like an interactive museum piece than a way to jam out with John, George, Paul, or Ringo.


“For that reason and because, at 27, it is already too late for me to be young and gifted to the extent of the eponymous pop foursome”

Well, I’m 25 and this just informed me that nothing I want in life will be achievable because I missed my shot when I was young enough. The tone of the article made me think Ed Smith is in his mid 30s at the youngest. We Millenials are despairingly ageist.