The Beautiful But Extremely Long ‘Okami’ Coming to PC, PS4, XB1

Yet another chance to pretend you’ll have time for Capcom's take on Zelda with a wolf.

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Still haven’t played through this dang game.

Also another good reason to kick the PS3 and it’s weird grease-magnet joysticks to the curb. Eugh.

I never beat this game, but it’s still one of my favorite games ever. The aesthetic, the level design, character design, the combat…it was all so big and so fun!

I’m determined to actually sit down and beat it this time.

I AM JUST SO HAPPY SO VERY VERY HAPPY. This game made me a gamer. This game might be my favorite game of all time.

I beat it before. I hope I will beat it again.

The only question remaining is if we get the loading screen minigame back.

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I liked this game but they could really cut 10-15 hours from it. Or add cutscene skip and fast travel options. I usually got really sleepy playing this.

@SquirrelGraph it looks like we are getting the minigame back. Yay cute paws!

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Honestly I don’t think Okami’s total length is that long, it’s more that the game has extremely odd pacing. Each third of the game kind of feels like you’re setting up not just for the end of the act, but for the end of the game, in terms of the tone, the way the story and upcoming boss is set up, and presentation. It almost feels like three episodes instead of one full game.

Finally a good Zelda game will come out in 2017!

Also yeah the game is too long but the first act warps up well so for $20 bucks it’s worth a go just for that bit really. Though it kinda depends on how well all the sexist bullshit has aged with Issun. I seem to recall there being worse examples of it out there in the world especially with stuff like Nier: Here’s A Trophy For Looking Up A Women’s Skirt Isn’t This Game So Deep out there but I can’t quite be sure

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I played a bunch of this back in the day when it first came out and loved it but never finished it. Always regretted that. Will be picking this up for sure!

Ok there way too many people who haven’t played Okami, the best zelda clone. That need to change!

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I second this motion, in fact, it should be the law!

I’m so happy for the PC release, finished it twice on my old PS2 and now I’m anxious for at least one more time on PC! :smiley:

The beautiful AND extremely long Okami, yes. Absolutely brilliant game. It came so late in the console cycle I can imagine many skipped it. I don’t think it is too long, because it’s so varied in the environments and stuff. There is a lot of slow talking though, which is the problem.

It’s not an action RPG also, not sure where that idea comes from.

35 hours is a strange hour count, i could swear it took me nearly double that to finish the game, but i can’t be sure. Never really felt that it was too long, but i enjoyed the traversal and movement so much that never feeling bored probably took my mind off of its length.

On the “too long” argument, I think people inherently misunderstand the structure of Okami. The game is split up into a series of very self-contained stories. Okami encompasses a love-letter to traditional Japanese story-telling and culture. Every arc, character, theme, audio and visual design takes ideas directly from the stories and culture at the heart of the Shinto religion.

The gameplay structure and length of Okami is a translation of the story-telling style of the Shinto relgion’s tales of the Gods. Each tale is akin to a self-contained short story which Okami translates to very distinct Arcs. The events of the Gods are meant to teach the characters within (and thus the audience) specific lessons about the world and society. At the start of each new one, the Gods are changed anew but still incomplete in understanding from which a new obstacle poses a threat to their lack of virtue. Each arc as a definite end where the world is altered forever, but there’s always another place that the deity hasn’t visited to bless and learn from.

When you play Okami, it’s not intended to be played as one single story, but instead a series of stories about Amaterasu’s life improvement to return to the place of a deity. While Okami does eventually subvert this narrative separation with returning characters and events, even these are still clearly differentiated stories.

It’s not one long game so much as it is a collection of all the bed-time stories your parent might read to you as a child.

I wonder if the success of Nier Automata’s multiple-story structure will help people play Okami like chapters in a book to feel fulfilment through each arc, rather than one whole game to consume. Similarly, I wonder had Okami used a design conceit like Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain’s frequent Credit breaks, people would have found it easier to play through in steps.


I hear you on that… I’m kind of in the middle of a “decluttering” period, and it would be nice to need one less console. Of course, the remaining exclusives include Journey, Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, and Ni No Kuni, so I’m probably SOL on that.

Still, Issun is by far my favorite “companion” character in this sort of game, despite the whole sexism thing… Midna being a distant second.

It is long. I think the 37 hours patrick mentions is for rushing the game haha. It took me almost 60 on the PS2 and i never finished the Ps3 Hd version (60 FPS, native 1080p if i’m not mistaken). I love this game, and if i can get my hands on a physical copy i will buy it again, for sure.

I think there have been some recent rumors of a PC port for Ni no Kuni, so there’s that at least.

I love Issun, and give him credit for being the original, but Midna 4E.

Okami is one of those games which has the distinctive honour of being a game I’ve restarted, retried, and bitten into enthusiastically a half-dozen times, but sealing the deal and making solid progress on it eluded me on the Wii (ultimately sold) and PS3 (XCOM: Enemy Unknown lives in a similar place). Given that I’ve seen the game’s earliest parts a few too many times for comfort, I’m not exactly planning to dive back in soon. That said, I will be very interested to play this game someday.

(One day, Issun will bug me less… maybe.)


I love this game to pieces and will never be able to play it ever again.

The first and only time I played through Okami was with my best friend who moved away to Boston pretty recently. We’d have multi-day sleepovers where I would go to work, come back to a nice dinner he made, and we’d sit and hammer through the game in huge chunks. We fed all the animals, found all the treasures, even collected all of those fucking beads. We also literally cried when it was over, which is a feat because we’re not real big on things like “tears” and “having feelings”.

While I doubt I’ll pick this up and play it again, it warms my heart that other people will have the opportunity to experience this game again.