The best animal?


I vote penguins.



They are extremely chill giant water hamster dogs.


Also an excellent choice. They’re the world’s largest rodents, if I recall correctly.


I came here to vote for penguins. Well done, @CommieNinja.


party cat, natch


(From the offical Nagasaki Bio Park twitter)


Foxes. They are the dial up modems of the animal kingdom:


I always a) forget how big capybaras are and b) get their name mixed up with chupucabras in my head

me, looking at a capybara: yeah I reckon that could kill a goat or whatever


I have a lot of favorite animals, but the orchid mantis is my BIG favorite:

It’s the most relatable animal because it’s a big weird lanky bug AND a beautiful flower princess at the same time. It’s also got swords for arms, which is pretty inspirational.


An ex-GF/current friend drew this for me years ago, and it is still treasured, it’s a combo of my two favourites. Presenting, the polar biraffe.


Given that they are central to my life, I’m voting for horses. Amazing, forgiving, gentle-natured and generous animals. We don’t deserve such magnificent friends. This one is my good grey mare:


I personally enjoy a majestic floof monster.


~~~~~~ dog ~~~~~~


I want to say a cool animal like a pangolin or something but the real answer is dog. Dog is best animals.





I’ve recently fallen in love with the deeply improbable seeming Chevrotain.


Tis me:


all animals are best at doing what they’re doing where they are right now, barring of course being beaten out of their ecological niche.

So really, evolutionarily speaking, all animals are the best animals until they are extinct, in which case they are dead animals and you cannot extend any sort of value judgement on them except that their skeletons look rad as fuck.


All animals are beautiful, perfect, and my best friend. That being said, baby bats are extremely perfect.


Another extremely good animal: This turtle with a mohawk and frosted tips.