The best animal?


The aye aye. A unique species of lemur, a group of animals endemic to the island of Madagascar. These guys are nocturnal so they are misunderstood of course. They have a skeletal middle finger called the tapping finger that they use to tap on rotten logs and other food sources to listen for food. They eat lots of grubs, fruits, veggies, nuts, and other foods. Super cool animals.


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My current favorite animal is this rabbit, Fiver, who sits outside the sliding glass door in our basement, taunting our yorkies.

I realized one day this summer while I was mowing the lawn that there was a nest (warren?) right in the middle of our yard. I left a 10x10 section of the yard unmowed for about 8 weeks, then shepherded the mom and 6 babies into the woods at the side of the house. My neighbor was not exactly thrilled about the untamed valley right in the middle of the yard, but the hell with him.


Sea Turtle are very Good cruising the ocean just chilling living a good life



Cats in general


I want to be reborn as a manatee.


@zerojul They are beautiful creatures. I hope you get your wish.

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I vote Kiwis. The fat and flightless birds native to New Zealand.


Axolotls are the best



Y’all missed out on, objectively, the greatest animal of all time: the Okapi.
Shy, timid, forest giraffes, these dudes have the most beautiful coat, the best disposition, and just such sweet sweet boys.
knobby knees
Plus the babies have these adorable little knobby knees :slight_smile:


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@TirnanCP made a good choice with the raccoon. They’re just such cool animals. I mean just look at this chill ass raccoon!

I’ll add a new winner to the competition for best animal, the Blue Jay!
Blue jay
They look awesome, I really love the colors and crest. Plus there are some of the smartest birds out there. They’re very social, and have shown tool use while in captivity. My favorite is that it will mimic the call of hawks in order to scare away other birds either from their nest, territory, or bird feeders.


this frog in particular. i hope it’s happy, wherever it is…


I feel a quiet kinship with the floppy, wriggly persistence of this eft:

If this little friend can make it over the branch, perhaps I can too.


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It’s gotta be the rhinoceros. Despite being one of the last megafauna and built like a war machine, it’s a very peaceful creature. The fact that they’re being poached to extinction for their horns is so vile I sometimes can’t wrap my mind around it. They’re actually too pure for this world.


Just wanted to say this two sentence post was beautifully written.


Cats, obviously cats.


All animals are good and pure, and I love them all very much and they are very good!

But since this thread is essentially just everyone supporting their favorite animals, I will make a post supporting one of my favorite friends since childhood: the platypus!


Look at this clever fellow! What a strange and lovable face! Full of mystery and surprise!