The best animal?


Dogs are the best.


Viscachas :3 Look how chill this little dude is


i was literally just about to post viscachas
they look so wise i feel like theyre going to dispense some ancient knowledge about the true ways o this world
wise old chill chinchilla rabbits

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I also present the greatest Twitter thread in all of history:

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I saw one of these guys in the wild once. It scared the crap out of me!


Woah, cool though. Where do you live? Vischachas are from Latin America, right? :slight_smile:


Excellent video - Viscachas are at peace with the world because they have seen the ways and the meaning of it all. They’re the wise animals that action movie protagonists come to see when they need the reflect on their failures and find their destiny.


I live in the US now, but I lived in Bolivia for a few years. It was the biggest non domesticated mammal I saw the whole time I was there!

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