The Best Games of 2017: Day 1


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Wow, surprised to see Sanada on here!

I really wanted to like the narrative, as it arranges the lives of these characters (which I knew pretty well from other games and books) into a very unique and cohesive take on their motivations. Its focus on one family lends well to following a group of central characters, and the hub world mechanic introduced. I even liked the background reading system that players not familiar with the setting can pull up at any point in dialogue.

However, a couple of the artistic licenses taken was a bit too far for my liking.

The main smear on this story is turning Chacha from Hideyoshi’s concubine into the main love interest. It’s a needless (and very “hollywood”) addition to the protagonist’s motivations (even though the story establishes other threads). As a result, the climax part of the story makes little sense and is very far removed from history (Hideyori, Hideyoshi’s heir isn’t even mentioned in the game!)

The other is the portrayal of Hideyoshi’s character. Koei and most other games in that setting has consistently painted the guy as a peace-loving character with great ambitions to create a just and peaceful world. (This game has a couple lines specifically saying this). Of course, the actual facts-- he launched an invasion into Korea, with further ambitions of going into China, right after his reign was established in Japan, and that the failed invasion took a toll on his health and his grip of various factions in Japan, leading to an opening for someone else to overthrow his son-- does not make as heart-warming of a story! (I’m not asking to completely change the character, but maybe remove those couple lines…)


Nice to see Unexplored get a mentioned. While I loved the Crowbar and Sickle streams this year, my favorite waypoint stream was probably Austin playing Unexplored and completing his run.