The best mini-games within games


This is something I talk about constantly on twitter and something I always want more discussion about. If video games are going to put mini-games in them, they should be good. Like, entertaining, well-designed, cool shit. The big two for me are fishing minis and cooking minis. Lemme preface: I love cooking, I do it for a living, only 2-3 games ever have made a good cooking mini-game. MMOs are the worst at this. Same with Fishing.

TL:dr, So please, tell me what your favorite or what the best made mini-games in video games are.

for me

Fishing: Dark Cloud 2, Breath of Fire 3
Cooking: Suikoden 2
General fun crafting: The Star Ocean series where sometimes you accidentally cook a pile of shit.


I put way too many hours into Demon Tower in NitW.


The mini games in the original Pokemon Stadium. I probably spent more time in there than in the main part of the game.


Triple Triad is still so so good and I would play a standalone of it a la Gwent in a heartbeat.


Haha. I started reading this and immediately this popped into my head. Demon Tower was an incredible game within a game. I spent many hours getting to the end of it. Loved it.


shit I must have had a stroke to forget about triple triad AKA the only good card game before Gwent came along.


Chao Garden, aka the only justifiable reason to play Sonic Adventure 2.


Dark Cloud 2 has fantastic fishing not only for the minigame itself, but everything you can do with the fish afterwards, cooking, racing, contests. It’s awesome

That said I also love Spheda in there, even at its most frustrating.

Triple Triad is easy to understand and I love me some card games too


One thing I’ll say is that I almost liked Tetra Master in FF9 more than the rest of the game, which is saying a lot for me. I don’t know if it would hold up today after I’ve played a ton of board games and mobile games, but at the time, I sunk hours and days and weeks into optimizing my build.


Ohhhhh this is good.


Holy shit how do you love Spheda are you a living saint. That game is impossible to love and/or play.


It’s frustrating and infuriating at times, but I like golf games… so long as they’re packed as a minigame
And the rewards are good so I tried to pick up on it
Also Chocobo Hot and Cold!! How could I forget?


It’s been a while since I’ve played GW2, but I ADORED super adventure box.




It’s… Pipe Dream

Then again plenty of good minigames are already made ones they stick in as a bonus


Triple Triad is the best, and I remember really liking Blitzball when I first played FFX, even though I’m sure if I tried to play it again I’d hate it. Luckily, Inazuma Eleven took all the best parts of Blitzball and made an awesome game out of them.


Chocobo breeding and racing in FF7.

Also the snowboarding and car chase minigame at the golden saucer in FF7 were insanely addicting.


I loved Tetra Master until it started to feel really unbalanced in the late game. I think TT holds up as a Good Game more than TM, but I still felt that itch for a while.


Also, my recent obsession has been to play the hacking game at every single save terminal I stop at in Nier: Automata.


Oh man, I don’t know about best, or even good, but that “war” style card game in Xenogears, but you have to run between your piles to play the cards. Brutal.