The Best Moment in 'Wolfenstein: The New Colossus' is a Total Mind Fuck


Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is an absurd game, but like its predecessor, The New Order, it skillfully navigates being touching, upsetting, subversive, and hilarious, depending on what’s most appropriate. The tonal whiplash is part of Wolfenstein’s charm, and the game constantly takes advantage of your cynical expectations.

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The narrative tension between BJ’s death wish and his unwillingness to ever stop fighting is one of the best things about Wolfenstein. He’s really, really good at his job, but he sure doesn’t like it very much.


This entire sequence is incredible precisely for the escalating series of fake outs. Patrick is completely right, by the time BJ is up in front of the memorial with the sword over his head I was still thinking “okay helicopter riiiiiiiiight now” and it never comes and you get your fucking head chopped off


I just got through this sequence last night. I spent the entire scene with Wyatt, Anya and Set giggling, and absolutely busted out laughing when BJ became a Futurama character.

I haven’t played any story missions since then, just some of the enigma assassinations (the Mesquite one is wild!), but it feels like they’re setting me up to have the rug pulled out from under me again.


That whole early part where it just becomes incredibly dark and you know that BJ is giving out is so sad. He was sent on missions that were worse and worse and didn’t even complain because he knows that he’s fighting for something he’s not going to see anyway. It’s like his whole existence became one whole sigh, a final push to give more chances for his love and his future children to live a peaceful life. But himself ? He was crumbling, he knew he was gone. A ghost.

Then his past comes up, he accepts it, he fights it, and his head gets chopped off.

But he was given another chance. At life.

It’s almost surreal how the whole atmosphere just lifts up, he’s not a dead man, he can live again, his friends are all happy, his technical death is even a new opportunity for them to strike back. Then BJ just says : “Is this heaven?”, and the player doesn’t know either. It just feels too good to be true, but I feel like this is the first time for BJ where he can live, where he’s looking forward to something. After a game and a half, he’s really out there living, because he genuinely deserved it. Not because he’s a nazi killing machine who needs to go back, but because he faced every aspect of his past, and himself. He set himself free, everything that he has done at this point came back to this specific moment where he was given a new chance to live. It’s wonderful.

I’m too invested in this. I want the best for BJ and his crew in ways I have never felt for any other characters. Just make another game where they’re happy and making barbecue together every day I don’t even care, I’ll make it my headcanon.


I haven’t been genuinely surprised this many times in such a quick succession in a very long while. This crazy ride they designed really doesn’t feel like anybody is going to be able to copy anytime soon. There are just so many ways the story could have been garbage or even worse, insulting garbage. But somehow, somehow they pull of these mother of all whiplashes in emotion, going straight from tragedy to comedy then over to action then back to tragedy again without skipping a beat, and they do this multiple times in the game!

This game(and Nier Automata) really proves to me that there is just so much more to be learned in terms of storytelling in games, and that we need people to take these risks and possibly make these amazing games, or at least try to do it because goddamn we do not need yet another cookie cutter FPS (im looking at you COD)


Wonderful thing happened to me. When I first got to u-boat I started exploring and stumbled into the armory before talking with Set. So I did not get cutscene explaining cat-monkey and I did not knew that head swapping is even a thing.

This game is great.


Yep. We live in a very strange world where a WOLFENSTEIN game brought tears to my eyes and B.J Blazkowicz is one of the most interesting and, in some ways, subversive characters in games.

The scene with B.J and his mother Patrick mentions is so touching and encapsulates much of what is so compelling about his story. How many other games would dare have the beefcake action hero, head in his mother’s lap, sobbing and defeated. Which feeds into one thing I really love about what they have done with this character. His flatout rejection of his father’s “brand” of maleness and the forging of his own opposing masculine identity that is built around fighting oppression rather than being a tool of it is so good. Rip succeeds in building toughness in his son, but it is Zofia who imbues B.J with kindness, love and soul and truly makes him strong.


I feel this so hard, I want the best for them and they make my eyes well up and I also feel crushed for them (and for me) when devastation happens. I couldn’t take Caroline’s event at all, and I couldn’t stop thinking about Klaus as Bombate is creating a new but different relationship with Max and every time BJ had a free moment I just wanted to visit Anya to see if they could spend more time together. It kills me but I feel so much for the two of them.