The Best Monsters?


Which fictional species is the best, and by what measure? For example, which are best in terms of potential for friendships?

Perhaps the centaur? Gladly willing to let you briefly ride on their back on a long walk until you find a bench, and will let all their friends rest on their flank while they play videogames. A stalwart friend who only asks that you help out with the obvious mobility issues that come with being a horse.

Or maybe you’d befriend merfolk? You may not see each other much, but what seems insignificant to you would be fascinating to someone who lives in a completely different world under the ocean, and likewise their stories would be wondrous to land-dwellers like ourselves. Imagine meeting for coffee in a café half-submerged, sharing tales of mundanity to each other’s fascination.

I myself have a great fondness for the humble lamia. Popular, but not without reason! Their homes would have to be huge, moreso than even centaur houses I would I would imagine, to account for their tails, as long as busses if we think proportionally, which would make for impressive home visits. Bring your dog for an indoor walk! And the possibilities presented by the tail are endless, like a portable bench(providing you aren’t too heavy). Plus the muscle strength in something so big would likely allow them to reach incredible heights, and of course by coiling around you they could crush every bone in your body effortlessly, bringing your miserable life to a blissful end.

So, what are your favourites? What other metrics could be used to judge?


Ents, treefolk, treants. Whatever you call them, trees that are also sentient and kinda terrifying are my jam.

Shoutouts to sylvari from guild wars. More games need playable plant races.


Fresno Nightcrawlers are the best hands down, they are just lil beans with crazy long legs


My fav monster is probably the Kelpie.