The best Pokémon is Nidoking


look at this bro. he is purple, the best color.

post about how nidoking owns.

Favorite Pokemon?

I’ve never seen anybody misspell Squirtle this badly in my entire life.


I am sorry sir but you misspelled Slowpoke. He is truly the only Pokemon anyone would need.


I’d say there’s a valid argument to be made here. I would add that he’s poison type which is demonstrably the best type.


Who else would it be?


Have you ever seen anybody selling Squirtle tails for exorbitant amounts of fake money? No? Because Squirtle don’t play that shit.

Meanwhile, Slowpoke is constantly getting clowned on by Team Rocket. I posit that any Pokemon that gets clowned on by Team Rocket cannot be the best Pokemon.

All that said; Slowpoke is a good, gentle Poke, and you should not buy Slowpoke tails from criminals.


I only watched the first 3 seasons of Digimon but how is NidoKing better then Agumon


So my username is obviously based on my favorite Pokémon but I really can’t disagree with OP.


Nidoking? That’s a strange way of spelling Garbador.


I kind of like Nidorino better than Nidoking but respect to the whole family, you know what it is.


Oh that must be what shiny Magikarp looks like now.


Look at this cute little thing, how dare you say Nidoking is the best when this exists:


Idk about best but Nidoking’s definitely the daddiest mon of the original 151. Don’t @ me.


this is the best response tbh