The Best Video Game Music You've Never Heard Contest - Nominations

Video game music can be pretty good. But there’s tons of good vg music no one has ever heard, so what better way share your favorites with everyone that to have a 1-on-1 contest? I haven’t done one of these since the Boss Battle Music Contest and was getting the urge to do another.

So, anyone interested can PM me ONE song from a video game, whether it be a fan game, an official release, a scrapped project, or something still in development (make sure you share where the song is from, too). The only other rule is that it has to be something you genuinely think no one or almost no one else hear has heard. I will purposefully not be revealing the nominations until the full bracket is made and it is time for each song’s match, so first impressions are going to be key.

Bracket size will be determined by nominations, though if I get a weird number, I might have to cut the later nominations. Also I just hope this gets enough interest to even get a whole contest going.

PM me your nominations!


Hey, just wondering how far along you are with the bracket? :slight_smile:

oh lmao, funny that I should stumble upon this months late, I had actually been thinking about starting a bracket thing up myself because I really enjoyed the boss battle one.


Damn, missed this when it was new. Wondering if it’s still happening or not?