The Best Video Game of 2020 Said That Escaping Hell is the Friends You Make Along The Way

Everyone knows 2020 sucked complete ass. I'm not here to belabor the point. I want to first beg forgiveness: I simply do not remember what happened between March and June. Some of that can be explained by having COVID-19, which mostly made me so fatigued that after a trip to the bathroom I needed to take a nap. The rest I think I just repressed.

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Have to say that Gita’s writing on Per Aspera is slowly selling me on the game.

Edit: Also it’s somehow satisfying to see Hades on the top of this list since Gita was singing its praises through Early Access.


Why did I think this headline was talking about Afterparty?

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I thought it was about Undertale :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve been playing it slowly and from I’ve seen so far it’s good!

I didn’t realize that we were getting Staff Top 10 lists. I’m always happy to see what’s on Gita’s mind.

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Yea, it sounds like one of those games I would love to read people write about but I know I couldn’t ever properly understand enough to play myself.

I love that Covet made it on to Gita’s list. There are so many of these games out there that nobody ever talks about because they aren’t aimed at “core gamers” (read: males 18-35), but they’re absolutely worth discussion.