The Best Way to Play Fortnite 50v50 (?)

Since the new version of 50 v 50 launched in Fortnite, I’ve been playing almost every game a very specific way that takes advantage of the clearly marked dividing line between the two teams. Every game I take a look at the map and pick a place far on the opposite team’s side, but close enough to the final circle that I don’t spend the whole game running to the final fight. It’s sometimes tricky to find places the other team hasn’t looted or to avoid large groups of opposing players, but most of the time there will be an unmarked house or two that can provide enough loot to get by. From that point on it’s all about stealth, and being very judicious about which engagements you take. My overall objective is usually to catch the other team off guard/get behind their flank for the final fight. There’s a constant need to keep moving, especially after taking a fight, so you don’t immediately get swarmed by the other team. It’s thrilling in a way most actual stealth games haven’t been for me, and I can’t think of many game experiences quite like it.

I know playing battle royale games stealthily is not a new thing (Heather Alexandra talked about it a bit in her piece about the Fortnite map), and it’s particulary appealing to people (like me) who aren’t very skilled at the actual combat in the game. But the added layer of being behind enemy lines has brought me a lot of joy, and I was wondering if anyone else is playing 50v50 this specific way. If not, I recommend trying it!


I totally love to sneak behind enemy lines in 50v50. My favorite thing is to hide myself in a group of enemy players (easier to do if you are a default skin) and seeing how long I can hang out without anyone noticing. Sometimes I’ll start firing for the hell of it and catch a few by surprise. One time I had a ton of grenades so I snuck into a fort and started spamming. I got 6 kills before finally eating it, but boy was that a fun moment.

I generally love 50v50 for the license it gives you to experiment. In reality you won’t tip the battle one way or another, and it’s just too chaotic to employ a strategy like in other modes. So I just jump in and roll with it.


Sneaking up behind people and sticking them a bunch then running away before the explosions is also chef kiss.

That’s true about not tipping the scales UNLESS you’re dropping with friends. I had a squad of three others with whom I did this and in a couple games we got like a third of our team’s kills between us! My record is seven, which is the most I’ve ever gotten in this game lol.


Honestly my favourite thing about this mode is playing support. Rolling up to revive someone and drop them a medkit is so good.