The big question: Knife or Bat?


We all know the true answer which is a knife.


Bat! Man. Bats are great. Range and hard. I LIKE IT.


Bat all the way. You have range and just have to hit the knife hand or arm hard enough to disarm them.


Knives are crazy sharp.

They’ll carve you like a holiday ham.

Try to carve a holiday ham with a bat. Go ahead, I’ll wait.


Bat. I don’t care about the arguments I just know what my heart says.


I’m going with a knife. I’m weak and clumsy in a big way, so I’d probably just dislocate my arm with a hard bat swing. I’ll take the knife, and I’ll just throw myself at my opponent like a big dumb idiot with the pointy end of the knife in the middle. Who’s clumsy now??? (It’s still me but you’ve got a knife in you)


Can a knife fly? Does a knife have supersonic hearing? Can a knife transform into a handsome vampire man? Didn’t think so.


It is impossible to beat a bat.

As evidenced by the 2005 nature documentary, “Batman Begins.”


A sword is basically a knife and a bat mixed together if you really think about it.


A bat could easily be used to disarm someone wielding a knife so bat


I’m not dignifying this with a response


Bat. Always bat.


Hotline Miami already answered this.

Bat kill = 1 knockdown + execution

Knife = 1 hit ko baby


Definitely bat, cause I know how to swing a bat but I know nothing about knife fighting


A police baton is a knife sized bat.


I feel like I could train and learn how to fight with a knife more effectively than with a bat. It’s not like I can take a baseball bat to kendo training.


Based on my experience? Bat has reach.

Spear or light polearm are best h2h weapons

(disclaimer: all combat involved was with padded weapons)


personally I would take the knife because I am absolutely terrified of being stabbed and I don’t want to put myself at a psychological disadvantage


Gonna go for knife, if I’m the one fighting- I have big, spindly arms, they won’t service a bat very well but a knife would be super easy. If it’s two people at their critical best, however, I’m gonna say bat wins through distance alone.


Damn it, not this. Also knife.