The Captain Marvel Movie - Or is it Marvel's Captain Marvel?


Thanks to Entertainment Weekly we got our first official shot of the upcoming Captain Marvel movie. I don’t know much about Captain Marvel, but I was a huge fan of Kelly Sue DeConnicks’ run. I’m excited and I want the movie to succeed, but I have some doubts, that I can’t seem to quell and I was wondering how other people feel about the movie at this point.

Based on the marketing so far I’m getting White Feminism vibes (the movie is set to premire on the 8th of March 2019). To clarify, the movie may be feminist, when it comes to the depiction of its female characters, while at the same time being pretty ignorant when it comes to race. I don’t know much about the Kree, but after reading this short twitter thread by Naomi Clark, I’m definitely feeling some kinda way about some of the casting decisions:

Furthermore there’s the fact that the guys in charge of the MCU seemed to have underestimated the success of both Thor Ragnarok and Black Panther. Both of them had themes of colonialism in them and were directed by non-white directors - who were imho only given a chance, because Marvel needed to diversify themselves and Marvel could afford to release “lesser blockbusters”).

What do you guys think? I mentioned some of this to two of my (white) friends today and they basically told me, that it was going to be fine and that I’m overreacting.

To end on a positive note I really like Captain Marvels costume and I’m psyched about the casting of Lashana Lynch as Maria Rambeau, leaving room for DeWanda Wise to be cast as her daughter Monica Rambeau once the series moves to the present.


I think some of that is probably inevitable (also see Supergirl and trying to juggle the race/species analogy while primarily being a show from the White feminist perspective) and really I’m sitting here asking, “when Ms Marvel TV show”???

The Captain Marvel comics definitely have lots of room to work with (and I’m more into Marvel Cosmic than most - even if a GotG without Phyla-Vell or Moondragon or even Nova is maybe not where I expected the MCU stuff to go) but I think the conversation has kinda moved on somewhat (eg with the popularity of the new Ms Marvel) and I’m ready for the MCU stuff to also do the same.

I hope it’s a great movie (series?) as there’s certainly room for it amongst all the Marvel dudes.


On one hand, I hope this movie is really good. It would be cool to have more women superheroes, even if I’m a bit wary because of how badly Marvel has handled Captain Marvel in the comics lately.

On the other hand, I also want to see it bomb because this incredibly half-assed publicity stunt was clearly slapped together by Disney in the hopes that people forgot they fired Gunn because a rape apologist white supremacist played them.


I’d be interested on the timing of this project. Marvel hadn’t given any of their female superheroes much of a run, then Wonder Woman was a huge success and suddenly we’ve got a Captain Marvel movie. It feels like an attempt to cash in on a feminism theme rather than to actually say anything about it.


@Shivoa I bet we’re just gonna get a teaser of a young brown girl tiping busily on her laptop - as the camera pans around her room to reveal countless superhero posters - before we hear her mother call from downstairs: “Kamala, dinner is ready!”

Any Ms. Marvel would be cool, but she deserves so much more. I’m so hyped for Marvel Rising!

@CrazyElf The movie was supposed to come out a lot earlier. It’s release got pushed back to make room for Spiderman Homecoming. However I do feel that the marketing is influenced by the success of Wonder Woman. Nothing wrong with that, I just have a bad feeling about this, even though I wish I wouldn’t.

Also I don’t think that the casting thing Naomi mentioned in her tweet comes from a place of malice. They probably just didn’t think about it that hard. How do they not have more people from marginalized communities in their meeting rooms at this point?


It’s already been said that Kamala Khan will pop up in the MCU in some way after Captain Marvel, dunno if she’ll have a huge role though them already saying that they have plans is promising.


All I want is a Kamala Khan / Miles Morales street level crime fighting series. Would be fun for each character to have a flagship series paired with regular cross-overs. Personally I’d appreciate a departure from the dark Netflix style series.


The argument is the same as always.

Calves are the hardest part of the body to gain mass. You use them all the time, they’re used to being under load, they require a lot of work. A lot of work. A lot of bodybuilders complain about this. “They never grow!” they say, whilst not putting the work in. And lo and behold from that lack of work comes lack of results. They go back to bicep curls and grumble.

Movie industry is the same thing. It’s hard to find people from marginalised communities that have the same CVs as those from more privileged backgrounds. Even if you do find them, they’re untested. You have to put the work in, test them, train them up, and in the beginning it won’t look like you’re getting anywhere.

It’s much easier, instead, to say, “We don’t have any,” and not put the work in. They’re bodybuilders that skip calf day.


I feel like I’m the one person in the world who didn’t really like Wonder Woman. Unlike Black Panther, which actually took did something unique and inspiring with the idea of an African superhero - effectively creating an alternate mythology for peoples whose entire history had been erased by colonialism and slavery, Wonder Woman was just another superhero movie to me. It didn’t fight that hard against the values of 1918, it didn’t even have that much to say about World War I. It was just Captain America 1 but with a woman. I’m all for a woman superhero getting her own movie, but she shouldn’t just be a stand-in for one of the boys. Make a woman’s superhero movie. Get Greta Gerwig or something to make it.

Like sure, Wonder Woman was miles better than every other DCU movie so far, and it wasn’t crypto-fascist like Zach Snyder’s work, but it still felt unremarkable to me.

I’m hopeful that Captain Marvel can do better, but this will still be a superhero movie first and a feminist movie in a far second.


I like Brie Larson and most of the rest of the cast but aside from that - shrug

edit: in retrospect Scott Pilgrim had to fight a lot of superheros slash witchers


In those shots it’s weird seeing what is clearly Lee Pace’s Ronan the Accuser and Djimon Hounsou’s Korath the Pursuer back from Guardians of the Galaxy 1 since they were such nothing characters in that movie despite how they are in the comics. Like it’s cool to see them back since this is set in the 90s and both actors are rad but also it’s going to be lame since you know they’ll only be in it for like five minutes or otherwise get shortchanged.

We’ve entered a bold new phase fo the MCU where instead of each movie only existing to set up the sequel each move will only exist to set up the movies from five years ago. :smiley:

Kind of wish they just skipped straight to Ms. Marvel instead of working Captain Marvel into the MCU. There’s so many ultra-powerful god-beings in the movies now. In the comics that kind of long term power move character can work over a long storyline but in the recent movies they have to spend like half the movie dealing with why ______ mega powered character doesn’t just immediately do whatever to solve everything.

I never got this vibe from Snyder at all, and going by interviews with Jenkins he’s great to work with and a lot of his voice is in Wonder Woman (he was still the overall “creative producer” or whatever for these at the time). Seemed like they had a great time making it. I enjoyed the other DCU movies about as much as the MCU flicks besides Justice League being a big time embarrassment, but you can tell the main issue with them has always been WB chasing The Dark Knight level money its popular/critical prestige with the various rules they had regarding Batman never being allowed to be portrayed as being happy, etc.


WAIT is THIS why tony stark has afuckign flip phone in infinity war??


It’s why the way Fury contacts Captain Marvel at the end of Infinity War is on an old beeper also.

One of the (Captain Marvel) shots shows a character wearing a Nine Inch Nails shirt too. Given how successful Marvel movies are expect an oncoming endless wave of 90s homaging stuff in media the likes of which we’ve never seen.

As much as I mock MCU flicks despite enjoying most of them I would mark out forever if go to the next level of 90s-ness and have her playing Quake:


well, at least NIN rules

maybe kill two goths with one stone and have her blasting reznor’s quake soundtrack


You bring up some good points. Looking back, that movie also handled race in a very clumsy way. The native american character made me very uncomfortable. He was literally called Chief.

I think this is my main gripe. Both a movie centering either Ms. Marvel or Monica Rambeau would be way more interesting and you know, actually groundbreaking.


Anyone else pumped to see Ronan The Accuser again?

Because I am.


Agree 100%

Typically, Wonder Woman’s interactions with humanity begin during World War II and the movie was to be set as such when they first started working on it. The guy literally being named Chief makes me wonder if originally he was meant to be an analogue to Chief Medicine Crow, a man who literally attained the title of Chief straight up due to his actions during WWII.


Wonder Woman definitely wasn’t universally praised. Along with the above, the use of effectively Nazis in WWI to ensure the “classic” good vs evil of war does it no favours even compared to MCU tacking away from saying Nazi with their focus on the Red Skull. Add in the twist that actually the true evil of war is someone who appears to be fighting for peace and it really doesn’t appear to be prepared to say anything about anything. It’s a promising opening ~20 minutes that then does nothing with the rest of the movie while still being far and away the least bad DCU entry.


Captian Marvel is, like, the biggest cop in the Avengers. Maybe Tony Stark is bigger? But from what I’ve read of Carol Danvers, she’s written as a cop a lot. Even at it’s most progressive and revolutionary, MCU pulled back SO hard in Black Panther that they ended the film on tearing down public houses in favor of STEM outreach centers. So I really don’t think Captain Marvel is going to be anything more than Lady Cop Saves Outer Space. It’ll probably be a solid B+ Action Film that makes me excited to see her in the next Avengers, but maybe I’m wrong and it’ll have something to say.


This is a fairly recent development. Carol used t be a super subversive character put in a lot of experimental stories mainly because the core of who she was came from her return after one of the single worst issues of comics ever (you can easily google it, I don’t want to repeat the horrid subject matter right now). The whole point of her was that she was an outsider to the main MCU, even managing to be a very critical person when she was on a team proper.

Then Marvel had a big dumb retcon where they just reset everything, and then Bendis decided it was a good idea to both kill off War Machine and have Carol go full fascist because of some random future telling star child or whatever (Civil War II was genuinely one of the worst events in recent memory). Now absolutely nobody knows what to do with her anymore because Marvel is mostly staffed by mediocre white men who’s idea of political meaning is “there’s a problem but we can’t do anything about it OH WELL”