The Captain Marvel Movie - Or is it Marvel's Captain Marvel?


I do feel they kind of missed an opportunity to put some character behind Carol Danvers. Although the sequence when she’s falling to earth but then realises she can fly is badass. They use the recurring visual motif of Carol picking herself up from a crash to stand up. It’s kind of glimpsed at throughout the movie: her as a kid crashing a go-kart facing the wrath of a father she presumably didn’t get on with, picking herself up from the rope climb, and then her with the crashed test flight. Maybe it would have been too simplistic for a Marvel movie, which has to always build forward, but I don’t get why they didn’t just take their time to go into depth about Carol’s history and each of these moments where she gets knocked down but gets up again.


Maybe that will come around in the future? I feel like Carol still doesn’t remember her past, just these glimpses.

I hope she regains more memory or the next Captain Marvel film has more of what jackissocool talks about, where we see Carol’s flaws. This movie being an amnesia story means we get a different sort of arc for her, one that I still enjoyed but I understand the criticism of.

Let me know if any of that’s too spoilery and I’ll mark it, I don’t personally see much in it that spoils the film.