The「CHIP BUTTY」is a sandwich, but is it a sin?


Do you know about the chip butty? Wikipedia describes it as “a sandwich made with chips (i.e. French fried potatoes) on buttered white bread or a bread roll, often with an added condiment such as ketchup, brown sauce, mayonnaise, or malt vinegar.” In other words, it takes a perfect, naturally-occurring pile of fries and dipping condiment and puts bread in way. Slathered up, buttered bread!!

Look at this picture??

If the sandwich is made out of fries, why would you also get fries? Is this faked? Is this a hoax? Did some kid just order buttered toast and a side of fries, mock-up this culinary lie and dress up a whole wiki page for it?

Do you see this?

Also, this sentence?? “A chip butty can be vegetarian if the chips are not fried in lard or dripping.” I don’t need this.

CHIP BUTTY COROLLARY: this thing, the, uh, crisp sandwich, which is just a bit too sad to talk about. I mean, really …


You jest, but I’d stuff my face with any day.


I see your chip butty and raise you a toast sandwich.


this is no jest! i kicked a chair in anger while writing this post!!!


literally the only part of this i’m finding objectionable is that people are putting mayonnaise on anything


My friend.

This is one of the funniest fucking things I’ve seen in a very long time.


Well, I do like crisps and fries on my sandwiches.

Usually with some meat and cheese, but :upside_down: I’d eat a chip butty in a pinch.


A nice buttered fried potato sandwich with a dab of mustard, while incredibly unhealthy, does sound edible. Not nearly decadent enough to be a sin, no siree.

Now some nice crisps on a sandwich? That’s just a good idea. Sign me up any day of the week!


I’ve never in my life seen a chip butty made with bread. I’ve always had them in a big fluffy roll.


You fool. Know ye not the wrath you have wrought with even the implication that the chip butty, my pride, my sole joy, does not exist.


what is wrong with all of u the chip butty is a sacred and timeless meal


You claim buttered bread ruins a perfectly good pile or chips and sauce but consider this: butter is the best sauce for chips. You don’t even need ketchup or anything near it


There are extra chips on the side because those are the leftover chips.

You make a portion of chips, then butter bread, then just put as much as you can in there. The leftovers are a bonus.

Butter goes great with potato. Have you never had butter with new potatoes, butter in mashed potato etc? But by all means, put ketchup or the sauce of your liking into the “sarnie” if you want.

I’m also a crisp sandwich eater. It’s a great way to bulk out a crisp snack into something a bit more substantial without simply eating more crisps. In my mind this works out healthier but absolutely isn’t. The texture is wonderful – softness leading to a crunch, the rich butter clumping together the smashed bits of crisp.

Sometimes if I’m feeling adventurous I combine crisps with standard sandwiches that compliment each other. A cheese sandwich with salt and vinegar McCoys, a bacon sandwich with bacon crisps, or perhaps the king among crisp sandwiches… A cheese sandwich with Wotsits.


This OP is a disgrace; have you no regard for mouth feel, or for texture, or for the hidden subtleties of a carb heavy meal?


I love this post so much, I’d forgotten the true beauty of a crisp butty but you’ve brought it all back :heart_eyes:


I’m glad we are all praising the chip butty here. No sin!!! It is a perfectly cromulent method of eating chips and/or bread. Crisp sandwich is also fine, although I feel like the crisp tortilla is a questionable food preparation decision.

@pvtBoolean’s toast sandwich, though. Now that’s going places.


It’s why I do what I do.

McCoys has the top tier mouth feel for one, I feel.


I feel like introducing issues of morality into the Sandwich Discourse is… dangerous. We’re simply trying to categorize, here, not adjudicate moral rightness. This way lies puritanism and all the horrors of self-assurance…


After reading all of these replies I agree that I was overzealous in my righteous anger … I would never craft a chip butty for myself, but I would certainly craft one for you fine folks if you wanted one. It continues to baffle and disgust me but I see now that it is no sin. I can live with that, I suppose.



I wouldn’t hang up the discussion hat just yet!

In Pittsburgh there is a popular line of sandwich shops called Pirmanti Brothers. Back when they only had one location, they catered mainly to truckers who often left their fries behind because they were in a hurry. As a result, they started putting the fries and coleslaw in the sandwich itself so truckers could save time and finish their meals.

So, I submit to the fine minds of the thread: If I were to order a BLT from Pirmanti’s with fries on it, would it qualify as a chip butty?